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Hi, I have a question I am transfering from the Army as a pilot into the RN, I leave the Army on 2nd Nov to join RN 3rd Nov, my question is with the wonder of JPA can I expect my pay to be messed up for the next few months or should it be seemless as they advertise, and will my flying pay carry on as normal and not be reset to the date I join the RN. Thanks in advance.


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It's hard to imagine what could possibly go wrong, the only thing changing on JPA should be your rank title. What could be simpler?

This being the case, it maybe worth ringing your bank (which, as a taxpayer you probably own part of anyway, since last week) and arranging overdraft facilities which remain free if unused. If you need to use the facility through "administrative errors", then you are advised to refer any bank charges to JPA.

If you use the iSupport facility on JPA, to advise them of your intentions, you will then have documented proof, prior to the transfer, that they will incur costs if they make an arse of it.

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I can't answer the question definitively. However in my own experience any move and track on JPA and any change in payment of SP always results in pay being messed up!

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