Pay for Lunch while your on ship

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by fishmiester, Mar 2, 2007.

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  1. Seen the latest Galaxy Brief??

    From 01 Jul RA's will have to pay for their lunch whilst the ship is in base port....

    What next??

    Will we have to pay for the dentist and prescription medicines. :evil: :evil:
  2. And...........whap!Thats reality hitting you Jack!Look at it as preparation for Civvy St!A kind of resettlement course.LOL
  3. Unfortunately I think this was bound to happen eventually. The problem is that it will probably cost more to enforce than it will actually save and I think that shows the much bigger problem; this isn't about saving money. Given that, it would appear to have been inspired a little, perhaps, by jealousy/envy - "if I have to pay for my lunch in the civil service canteen, then why does jack get it for free on board". Whatever, it will just cause ill feeling for no real gain.
  4. on a serious note,why cant the RA's have whats left?Its only going to get ditched anyway.
  5. Surprised it took them so long to introduce this.

  6. this is nothing new, on invince and new ark RA where not allowed scran at base port (early 80s)
  7. This has always been the case on shore stations. In fact its only about 25 years since dutymen had to pay for any meals taken.
    Seems to me that either all eat free or none.
  8. sorry if im an idiot but what does RA mean?
  9. Reside Ashore
  10. thanks
  11. I've always thought it meant "Rationed Ashore", but what do I know?
  12. Correct :smile:

    From the time when RA man received back the money that a living in man paid for his scran.
    When going on long leave this money was repaid to the sailor for the number of days on leave.
  13. Isn't the whole ships company victualled in anyway? That's what I was led to believe by a PO "Tucker ******" - sorry Caterer. I've spent too much time working with Aussies :razz:
  14. It used to be Ration Allowance - paid to married men and singles whos bona fide address (ie next of kin) was within daily travelling distance of ship or establishment. It was non taxable, and whilst drawing it "G" men were not victualled for rum. Persons on RA wishing to take meals onboard were required to pay the appropriate proportion of the daily messing rate (20% b'fast, 45% dinner, 10% tea/snack, 25% supper) to the Caterer's office by a stipulated time. This routine, with variations to conform to the introduction of the military salary, was current when I was a Caterer in the mid 60's through mid 70's.
    When did it become a freebie? Scran was always free to all for ships on deployment/at sea as that was counted as being "in the field".


  15. On a ship which is either deployed or in a non base port, everyone is victualed and the only person who pays for scran is the Choggies.

    Whilst alongside in Baseport, all VMs are victualed and RAs are entitled to all meals during the period of there duty. i.e a duty from 08:00 to 08:00 would entitle them to lunch, supper and the following days breakfast. Also all RA's are entitled to "Duty lunches".

    One problem which will arise with the new arrangements will be the fact that when "OM Smith", (who regularly brings his own lunch, as it is a cheaper option) is duty, he will get his first 3 meals courtesy of the crown, but will of had no provision to prepare his lunch for the following day and will be forced to purchase it.
  16. Simple. Live in and take leave each night. Unless you live to far away and it hits your HTD.

    Of course in the CPO & WO's Mess I'm sure you can just get friendly with WO(CS).

    Not having seen the brief... what's the actual justification behind it?
  17. Changes to food charges will be implemented between 1 Apr 07 and 1 Apr 08.
    • The changes are aimed at aligning the 3 Services, and ensuring that personnel moving between Pay As You Dine (PAYD) and non-PAYD units pay the same amounts for their food.
    • Ships’ companies at sea and those living permanently on board seagoing units alongside in Base Ports will not be affected.
    • Those who live ashore will be required to pay for meals on board when their ship is alongside in its Base Port and they are not Duty Watch.
  18. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Did someone mention 'explanation'? Sonce when has 'accountability' come into policy-making in the Forces? Rhyme or reason? Forget it.

    I for one am at a loss as to why we have a change of policy at this stage of the game. It's not as though any shortfall has occurred or we have seen any impact studies entered into. The reduction in the food daily rate as well. Have we seen evidence of Purple Food's previous record ... satisfied customers or reason why it has reduced? There has been a sharp drop in output in my environment and that has had **** all to do with capability, more to do with what is available and deliverable ... in the latter sometimes undeliverable.

    If this is the case and RA's do have to pay, then it should be noted that opportunities to dine are few and far between in Naval dockyards. Either it's a very reduced menu on board, the NAAFI, the Triton Galley or a lengthy trip into Portsmouth. We shall see what impact that has on the working day.

  19. Hmm, how about the "Inflation Busting" pay rise for the nozzers?
    Are we helping to pay for it in some small way ?
  20. I didn't know many VMs who ate lunch alongside anyway.

    After last nights run ashore, up late, no breakfast, oggy and pint of milk at standeasy, head down at lunchtime.

    Any RA would have been welcome to my scran at lunchtime.

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