Pay for Lunch while your on ship

Seen the latest Galaxy Brief??

From 01 Jul RA's will have to pay for their lunch whilst the ship is in base port....

What next??

Will we have to pay for the dentist and prescription medicines. :evil: :evil:


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And...........whap!Thats reality hitting you Jack!Look at it as preparation for Civvy St!A kind of resettlement course.LOL
Unfortunately I think this was bound to happen eventually. The problem is that it will probably cost more to enforce than it will actually save and I think that shows the much bigger problem; this isn't about saving money. Given that, it would appear to have been inspired a little, perhaps, by jealousy/envy - "if I have to pay for my lunch in the civil service canteen, then why does jack get it for free on board". Whatever, it will just cause ill feeling for no real gain.


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This has always been the case on shore stations. In fact its only about 25 years since dutymen had to pay for any meals taken.
Seems to me that either all eat free or none.


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Streaky said:
avoiding_action said:
Reside Ashore

I've always thought it meant "Rationed Ashore", but what do I know?
Correct :smile:

From the time when RA man received back the money that a living in man paid for his scran.
When going on long leave this money was repaid to the sailor for the number of days on leave.