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Pay for ET(WE)CIS

B Tango

Just a quick one fellas, I was just wondering is "CIS WE", in the pay band of supplement 3 or is it supplement 2?...

I've found various sources saying that trained personal from scratch then enter the pay section of supplement 3, whereas I was led to believe that "CIS WE" was indeed supplement 2...

Would be great if someone could confirm this for me
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Ahh right, thanks Ninja!

I passed my recruitment test for several roles within the supplement 3 band, but chose to pursue a carrear as a "WE CIS" knowing that this was in the supplement 2 category; as it's not all about that money for me lol... Probably will be, in a few years when I mature a little!

However, this will be a massive bonus for me if it did come in as supplement 3... I've also found a source on here that says, all Engineering branches are identified in the supplement 3 category. Furthermore CIS remains in supplement 2, which I identified as an engineering trade.

Either way, I will be content with the outcome and continue to progress my way through the ranks:)
ETWE(CIS) upon joining as a Phase 1 will be on Supp 3 pay. All those currently in service who haven't attended the WE conversion training will remain on the Supp 2 pay scale.

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