pay during 8 weeks basic training?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ben1985, Mar 6, 2007.

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  1. hi there, just wanted to ask if you got paid during your 8 weeks basic training? i assume you do, also how much approx do you get paid each month? is there any rise after passing out and doing your trade training? cheers
    ben wood
  2. Not only do you want bragging rights re serving in HM armed forces but, you want paid as well????
  3. Instead of asking on this site (its UNofficial), I would have thought that you'd be better off going into your local AFCO and picking up that there leaflet that actually TELLS YOU.
  4. Haven't you been told?

    You have to pay them for training you!
  5. And you have to wash the CO's car on Sunday.
  6. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    .. pay? Next they'll be wanting time off as well !!!
  7. Instead of pay you get some nice new clothes (I hope you like blue), a nice new haircut and as much time with a personal trainer as you'll ever need.
  8. There you go Ben -

    You'll receive, after paying Tax and NI contributions approx. £180 a week in your bin!

    Your pay WILL NOT RISE after passing out basic - You get a pay bonus though and that is the pride in knowing you've succeeded in moving to the next step in becoming a full member in your chosen trade in Her Majesty's greatest service!

    Same again, you'll get around £180 all through your trade training and trade training length is dependent on which trade you do - For ET Submariners it's over a year!

    Once you pass your trade though and you're given your able rating rank you'll earn a minimum, after Tax and NI contributions £214. The pay for Able Ratings actually ranges from £214 - £386 AFTER tax and NI contributions. And ranges from £274 - £491 for Submariners... plus Submariners receive a 'Golden Hello' of £5000 after trade training.

    When you pass trade training, don't think you'll be one of the lucky ones that'll wind up with the full £386 if you're a skimmer or £491 if you're a Submariner. You will start at the lower end of the pay-range and it will slowly rise with the more time served. Other ways of increasing the pay to the higher end of the range is by gaining certain qualifications and performing in certain types of work. Also remember these pay figures are just as an example if you want to stay an Able Rating all through your service.

    If you eventually get promoted, then the pay increases again!

    Good pay in the Navy from what I've heard but of course, unlike Civvy jobs, this isn't the best aspect of it!

    You'll do great things in the Navy which will be part of your job and won't require this nice money you're earning (Or at least not much of it) Obviously, there'll be crap times like any job but they are in their bear-minimum and compare nothing to the agony of waking up in the middle of winter to the sound of pissing down rain at 6am to go and clock-in at the plastic factory and do 8 hours of making somebody richer by trimming plastic off boiling hot fresh moulds that burn your hands for crap pay!

    I'm hoping and praying every day that I get in because it'll be a dream come true!!!
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  9. cheers for that credders:-D real helpful got my test in 3 weeks tomorrow does anybody know what percentage you have to reach or above on the test to enter my job preference which i put on my app form (steward) cheers ben wood
  10. You know, I'm really, really, glad that I'm not going to be your DO when reality hits.

  11. "Momma always said life is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're gunna get " !!!!!!!
  12. Nice post Creddly.
    Don't take any notice of these miserable sods.
    Best of luck.

  13. it can be a bit rough in here at times! some people forget what its like to have a dream....

    have a good time fella!

    to be a'll probably just need to be able to spell your name correctly!!

  14. Cheers fellas!

    Karmas posts will not deter my lust for wanting to join.

    As I said Karma - There will be crap times I'm sure... I'm not saying it's going to be the land of milk and honey!

    But for some of us, it compares a hell of a lot better to the options we have in our area of residence!

    Here's what I've got to look forward to in this sunny Welsh Valley if I don't get in;

    A) Jobless/Dole
    B) Production Line, Robotic Mundane Crap!
    C) Shelf Filling
    D) Chicken Factory

    So now compare the above options to the Royal Navy and I think you'll agree the Mob is significantly better!

    Good luck to you anyway Ben! I know what it's like to want to join bad!!!
  15. You could satisfy your craving for C and D in the Catering branch.

  16. Lol there's definitely no craving for A, B, C or D!
  17. I passed out in september and for the first 8 months i got around £720.
    you are supposed to get a pay rise of £150 after six months. But by the time you get in the wages should be around £100 a month better.
  18. Of course you only get paid correctly or at all if JPA works.........which is a whole different ball game!

  19. Jeez and i thought £25 a fortnight was a lot! :grin: :grin: :grin:
  20. £720 a month at Raleigh is ok. But it killed me at collingwood. Being a bit older and allready have financial commitments when i joined i coudnt do a great deal of pissing up.

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