Pay Day

Shit I looked at the calendar wrong lol 31st is Sunday not Monday

I do apologise my bad

Therefore the last working day of the month is Friday
tommo wrote:
Payday in the Navy is usually the last working day of the month which this month would be Monday 31st

Not usually, always.

Answer to original question is yes.
Not always, it depends where you are serving.

Some of my Pay goes into my local account in Euro's via the Commerzbank (Pussers Euro Rep) on the 24th of each month, however the rest doesnt go into my UK account until the last working day.

Makes you wonder how long UK Banks hold the credit for prior to putting it into you A/C

Well my dears, my Pay Day (for my RN Retired Pay) is the 20th of every month and my Old Age Pension is paid on a Friday every four weeks. I am very grateful to all you taxpayers for allowing me live out my declining years in a fair degree of comfort. No mortgage, no kids; life is good. Thank you!!

Just listening to a radio prog [Ulster] and the interest rates are over 300% in some situations :thumbdown:

Caveat Emptor

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