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Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by ToonPatriot, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. Is it true Wafus are no longer on the higher pay band?
    Heard it was cos all work is done in accordance with books. Any light on this subject?
  2. Most are on Gastric Bands due to the excessive shore time and the burgers and KFC's that have to be scoffed!!!
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  3. Oh - all work on aircraft has always had to be done iaw 'books' AP's as they were in the dark ages!!!!
  4. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Somebody is winding you up, WAFU's are and always have been made up of the top 10% of applicants, to attract & retain people of that calibre pusser will always have to pay them the huge golden hellos and above average salaries that they always have - not to mention flight deck pay.......
  5. I worked on reactors and was higher pay band, all most definitely done "by the book". If you didn't, the book was thrown at you, closely followed by the tinkling of buttons hitting the deck.

    Pay banding is according to branch and rate, not what you read.
  6. Wafu is a very generic term, sadly they even include soft arses in it.
  7. All sorts of gash rumours abound at present, but there is a little truth to what's been said as the AFPRB use a weighting system to decide whether a particular trade should be Lower or Higher pay band.

    This is why, when you see the AFPRB people going around establishments, that you should take a keen interest in it. When they see a group of disinterested sailors, the first thought they have is whether you've been gainfully employed and questions become more probing and the interest in details becomes much tighter.
    Job roles and responsibilities also count towards the weighting system as well.

    A good example is when the Leading Regs were downgraded from Higher to Lower pay bands and Leading Writers were upgraded because of the RN Police being overkeen to give the Writers all of the discipline functions as "Only writers use JPA". The subsequent downgrading meant that they've since been fighting to get it back and only have a fairly limited input now in the form of submitting casework. (To be fair, anyone who deals with the discipline side of JPA should be on the higher payband because it is absolutely gash and should be a separate legal system altogether)

    Anyway, whatever happens should get released circa 22 Mar anyway (based on the AFPRB report last year), so you'll know if you've retained the Higher Pay Band or been downgraded to Lower. I doubt there'll be any downgrade, simply because of the high risk of being prosecuted for doing one thing wrong.

    I'd prefer the abolition of Higher and Lower due to it causing too many arguments and a specialist pay element introduced for the job. Of course, that'll mean food will probably go up to £6 a day and accom nearer £90 a month for grade 4 ;)
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  8. Very good points WLS, particularly para 2. Like many, the majority I would guess, when this came about I thought it was an awful idea (though I could be considered as one who 'dipped in'). One of the problems was that many branches sat on their perceived laurels and considered themselves 'bullet-proof' thereby leaving themselves open to being 'downgraded'.

    A good mate of mine, a Chief Stoker, left because he was graded lower than a Chief Writer. Slightly petulant, and I remember trying to talk him out of it by I did see his point, or at least his perception of the situation - no offence intended WLS, I'm sure you see where I'm coming from.

    The point is though, if anyone was to blame it was his own branch for not selling themselves in the right manner (don't shout at me, but the the WOs are the guilty parties). Admittedly the scribes had some advantage by knowing the strings to pull (authority to hold certain sums of cash for instance) and were aware that it was not necessarily the difficulty or stress levels of a job, it was it's parity to civilian employment, but senior personnel within each indiividual branch should have pulled their fingers out and fought their corner on behalf of their branch. Many didn't.

    Not after a fight here chaps, this is my understanding of what happened and maybe WLS can confirm if I'm on the right lines.
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  9. DII is gash as it's destroying my formatting, so apologies if this reads as one long sentence, I'll correct it later. You're pretty much bang on the money there Guzzler, as it's the same as my understanding. If more branches had fought their corner just that little bit harder or actually, god forbid, showed some interest, then I don't think there would be such a "problem" now. I do use that word hesistantly, though. I think there was also a problem with selecting "big" personalities as well as someone who could have made the point and justified the higher whack of pay was completely overshadowed by the big personality - so I think there was a possible failing there. The disparity is felt mostly at the most junior level, I also caveat with this as me actually being an AB writer on the lower pay band, but this should demonstrate the point perfectly. I've been in the mob for almost 5 years and on the lower pay band. I currently sit on step 5 of 9 on £21,081 per year. My previous pay was £20,029, so I was blessed with a pay jump of almost £1,600 per year. If, however, I'd have trained as a chef this would be the difference: Step 5: £24,079 from Step 4: £21,773 per year (approx £3,700 extra p/a). I do firmly believe that you pick your branch and takes your chance, however I have found that in my experience that this disparity has resulted in more arguments amongst AB's more than anything else because of the social awkwardness it causes on getting the rounds in (I know this shouldn't be done, but it still happens amongst friends). This is why I firmly believe that the Higher/Lower needs to be abolished ASAP and a specialist pay bracket introduced amongst different branches. Unusual for a scribes I know, but I think this would be the fairest option for all.
  10. So what you're saying WLS, is re-invent the wheel. The banding should never have been brought in IMO. As I'd crossed to tiff I was on the higher band, the CMEM sat next to me doing the same job on the boat was lower band. Before they meddled with it we were both on the same rate with the difference being I got trade pay and everyone was happy with that. As the CMEM in question put it, I put up with Mechs course and deserved it but on the other side of the coin he could go straight to WO1 but I had the Charge Chief/WO2 hoops to jump through.
  11. Pretty much, yes. Or rather, go back to the non-banding, but introduce a spec pay element because of doing such things as Diving, CT, Tiffs, etc. I do think the AFPRB are generally quite fair though. At least, I've not heard of them referred to as the Stab in the Back Brigade since joining! ;)
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  12. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    At risk of sounding patronising, which I assure you isn't my intention, that is remarkably common sense from someone so junior.
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  13. Many thanks! I take it in the spirit as intended.
  14. I meant AETs any info?
  15. Yes, good observation. Hadn't really thought about that but could be something in it.
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  16. Not until the AFPRB report comes out, anything else you hear is just gash advice and bollocks.
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  17. That's because WLS is a switched on cookie that bends over backwards to help us thick as **** Coxwains. Genuine guy who will one day run a UPO with much common sense. Hope you're well WLS?
  18. A small point:

    The AFPRB do not decide which trades go into higher/lower pay bands, they just make wholesale recommendations on pay rises.

    Banding is carried out by the Joint Service Job Evaluation Team (see JSP754, 01.0306) after assessing each trade etc and deciding by panel.

    AFPRB are civilians who are not employed by MOD, JSJET are employed by MOD. AFPRB reports do not have banding recommendations in them.
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