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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by phil1972, Apr 28, 2007.

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  1. Our recent pay rise had to be too good to be true. As from 1st May we will no longer get free scran when on courses and no you can't claim PAYD back within JPA.

    Needless to say the notification of this change in our terms of employment have been non-existant.
  2. Why should we claim it back? Forces pay for it - thats integration for you - we can't have our cake and eat it!
  3. if you cant take a joke
  4. I can see me spending some of my hard earned cash at the CHARBAR at Gunwharf, I'm f*cked if i'm paying for the tripe they serve in MOD gallies.

    They cant cook bacon, potato's, eggs, pasta and the juice might as well be water. The only things they don't manage to f*ck up are the deserts, but you have to remember that they come in a box so it would be difficult to do.
  5. To be perfectly honest, I don't mind paying out for scran like the regulars do, as long as its reasonably priced. When we are on courses we do actually get paid for the full day, as does any regular, so to deduct some £3.60 for a day's food sounds reasonable.

    However, I am against the idea of PAYD. It works semi-well for me because I don't eat much, anyway. However, it works bad for me because I don't eat enough, and the three core meals I get on course are usually the only times I do eat properly. With PAYD, I'm more likely to skip on the portions and sometimes skip meals. As a really not required on a course that's not so important, but what is important is the curious question. If I do it, would the regulars?

    Skipping meals would be an easy way to save on the expenditure, Even if a matelot misses just one meal, to save approximately £1.20 daily. In the course of a week that comes to £8.40, which would equal something between three and four pints of bitter in most pubs. Over the course of a month the matelot has saved £33.60, enough for a run ashore or alternatively a bottle of a good scotch whisky. If we extrapolate further so that we can estimate a saving of £403.20 in the course of a year.

    Obviously it will not be good for the Royal Navy if sailors start skipping meals, but are sailors going to be persuaded to go a bit hungry to put an extra £403.20 (tax free) in their pockets?
  6. Sahara pudding anyone? :D
  7. guys can I point out that with PAYD if you go on a course, you are no worse off in terms of money, for the regulars anyway. Because you don't pay for food at your regular place of duty unlike the old fixed rate system. So you only end up paying for each meal once, regardless of whether it is at your normal place of duty (i.e home base) or wherever you happen to be on course. Sadly if your normal place of duty happens to be a crab base then it doesn't work like this and you can claim that back or mor out, but otherwise why should you get free meals?

    If that makes sense.
  8. No, its just got me a little confused.

    Are you saying that under the old system, you still had to pay for the meals you were not eating at your normal place of duty, AND the meals you were eating at the place of your course?

    That really sucks.
  9. The old feeling of "why did I get a cup of that?" Do they actually taste test it? Why it needs stirring and chilling I don't know!
  10. You can if you pay for it :D
  11. Does the charge come out of pay at source before you see it? I seem to remember being shown that 2-6 info/propaganda* DVD where some officer was explaining "If Percy Pongo has spent all his pocket money this month, we won't make him starve - he will get nearly the same stuff for £0". BARGAIN! Does the system require yet another plastic card or is it done via the magnetic strip on ID cards?

    [* Delete as appropriate]
  12. I thought you paid in cash. The fat old woman who sits there checking the vitualing card you often don't get will now take your money.
  13. I recently stayed in Nelson for a weekend and got a victualling card off the Hall Porter which entitled me to a "core" meal, which was okay.

    I think if you attend a course lasting less than 30 days and don't live in at your unit, which none of us do, then you don't pay for food. The Hall Porter has an idiot's guide so don't assume we all have topay from now on.

  14. You'll be going to the 'sandbox', soon then..........!
  15. One specific hall porter in Nelson would even manage to make a mess of that! The grumpy old git.
  16. "I think if you attend a course lasting less than 30 days and don't live in at your unit, which none of us do, then you don't pay for food. The Hall Porter has an idiot's guide so don't assume we all have topay from now on."

    Nope - if you go to NELSON then you sign in at the start of a meal, get a receipt, go back to Hall porter after the meal, pay whatever you owe (minus core meal allowance) and off you go. You pay on average £5 per day.
  17. £5 a day?! you're having a laugh surely?
    there isn't much on this earth that i wont eat but i had a breakfast recently that was without a doubt the most vomit inducing pile of pigs swill i have ever tried to force down. the name of this refined culinery establishment will remain undisclosed to protect the innocent, but my god if they seriously expect me to part with ANY cash for something that makes a rat pack look like a jamie oliver 3 course, then they can shove it up their a*se and f*ck off while they're doing it.

    seething rant over.

    carry on chaps
  18. motion carried!

    Could you be a little more specific? You have just described every RN establishment i have ever had the pleasure of dining in!
  19. That's exactly how it worked for me. However, I think that the wardroom have a slightly different system (well, they would, wouldn't they??!!). You can't get a core meal so just get the value of the core meal taken off your bill, leaving you a balance to pay.
  20. ah Withnail and I, such a marvelous source of quotes.

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