Pay as you Dine - How does it work

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Father_Famine, Oct 11, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    Reading on from the Food Thread, I see that PAYD has been introduced and that the lads aren't eating during "Blank Week".

    When I was in and it was proposed to introduce it, the idea was everyone would have a credit card and the cost of scran would be automatically debited from their pay. One of the reasons for this was to ensure that matelots did not spend all their cash in the first week and go hungry for the next three.

    How does it work know then, is it cash at the counter? I suppose the other option would have cost too much initially to set up, that is of course if MOD can get computers to talk to each other, the NHS, (My current Employer are having problems).

    I would be interested to find out how it's done these days, what happens to the chefs and caterers when they come ashore, are they Buffers Party on leaf clearing duties?
  2. Blank week?it would be a blank 2 weeks in my case!Never made my pay last more than 2 weeks lol
  3. Yes, sorry, I obviously go back to getting two weeks in my hand, in the early 70's
  4. Ditto to that
  5. I also had 2 week in hand paydays.Was luverrly,all those beer tokens.£25 at Raleigh it was if i remember correctly.
  6. The yanks had a good routine when I was at a US Air Base.
    you paid a dollar for each meal--- the food was usually two choices but quite edible. All civvy manned.

    Last time I was at Faslane they had a check in desk at the door -- name taken /ticked off . I think the duty guys ate for free and others bought meal chits from the caterers office .

    The chefs did actually man the galley and double banked the civvies. Most of the civvies were ex services anyway .
  7. Hell this frightens me! as an old (?) matelot I thought the idea was they fed you to keep you alive so as you could fight and die for them! If you starve to death first how can the politicians have nice little wars to glorify them? "You canjoin our navy but you have to bring your own boat and food!" how the Hell does the modern matelot survive, and more to the point why?

  8. Most Matelots in shore bases nowadays go ashore at night-------and at weekends the places are really ghost towns . Dutymen only.

    The times they are a changing!! and the Navy is getting smaller
  9. wen i was in last year they were propsing to introduce it... know iam rejoinin am gonna ask on wed at my pre joiners how the **** it works i go in in jan and wont get paid till end of feb so i have to take enough money for 2 months of ale and luxurys and food wat the **** next buy ya own uniform.....

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