Pay as you dine at HMS Excellent

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by Harry_Blackmaskers, Mar 14, 2008.

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  1. I'm off to the wonderful HMS Excellent (SRs Mess)for a few weeks oh joy!
    As I've never experienced Pay As You Dine before I'd like some recent opinions on what it's like there.
    I try to do the healthy eating thing.
    I suppose what I'm really asking is: Do I need to rob the microwave and toaster from home?
  2. Be interesting to hear opinions on the PAYD at Excellent.
  3. Stayed there when PAYD first introduced(SR's Mess). It was the worst food i had ever come across in all my years un the mob. Could not make out the difference between soup and gravy. Oh thats right there wasn't any it was the same stough in 2 two different bowls. :thumright:
  4. Food was gash at excellent before PAYD. Dont expect much has changed.
    This was in the JRs though. But if i rember right they are both in the same building. Just with different scran halls.
  5. Loved the Food in the JR's as a cadet before the PAYD killed it off.

    Was down there week before last: Not fussy with my food: BUT JC what are my taxes meant to be paying for!! :threaten:

    They jumped me for some extra charge too, cnuts.
  6. Taxes are not meant to buy you lunch. Now the serviceman like every other worker in the land can elect where he eats (unless at sea or in the field where food is provided free of charge).
  7. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    Don't worry-the food was shocking in the Senior Rate's Mess prior to PAYD being introduced.

    At least they're consistent I suppose...
  8. Slim
    At the risk of opening a slightly different can of worms: What civilian firm would expect people to work away from home and charge them for the privilege? I remember trying to explain to an incredulous Inland Revenue official that my employer expected me to pay for my own food, and in some cases lodgings, when working away from home!
  9. The food was equally as poor in the SR's dining hall at Whale Island and I do believe the same galley was used for both SR's and JR's dining halls.

    PAYD is being introduced to Collingwood 14 May this year by the way, just for info.
  10. Ah but it is not your employer who is sending you away, its the RNR or SCC. If it's the RNR surely you are paid the same rate as a serving sailor, who also pays for his scran from his daily rate.
    Agree with you on civvie employers though, my last one was as generous as the tax man would allow him to be.
  11. Food at Excellent is shite, if you are there for longer than a week then if you have a microwave bring it with you. I am based there and have not eaten in the galley since the intro of PAYD in May last year, and only ate in the galley before then because I was paying the food charge. Big TESCO just up the road so you can buy what you want and eat heartily and healthily just as cheaply as the mess. Will no doubt see you in the bar, which is very good value.
  12. Been following all the threads on PAYD, and have come to the conclusion that Jack of Today is unhappy with his lot. Is there no longer a system where you can state a complaint about the grub through the Divisional system, or because it's now Government/Pussers policy, it's laid down in stone, and you can't change it ? Surely, if enough people complained through the Divisional system or to their MPs, something could be done about this ?
  13. I was ta the JRs' a few months ago and it was a bit crap. It was fairly well presented (I mean, you could mostly tell what something was supposed to be) but the pricing scheme isn't very clear so I always ended up seeing myself off and having the bare minimum because I didn't know what I was entitled to. You have to really pile on the veg because the main option is always tiny.

    You're entitled to two glasses of squash I think. You can get more if you're sneaky and don't fetch it before you pay.
  14. The routine for complaining about scran has not changed, ie the first point of contact is the OOD/POCA (or whatever he calls himself nowadays). I'm sure its the same throughout the RN but where I've done OOD, he/she has to go to the dining hall during meal times and check if the troops are happy with it.
  15. I'm not RNR or SCC, I'm a regular.
  16. I think the SCC was aimed at me.

    Not exactly high up on the priority list of complaints i know, but since PAYD the scran is shit and then some thing worse!
  17. If its anything like the shit at Raleigh for Payd and the new system which I am on it will be shit because it is done by civies.
  18. Perhaps things have changed a little since my day. However if away from your home base where no service food and accommodation is available surely Rate ones or something similar is given.
    During my time if you were more than 200 miles from home there was always separation allowance. I was rather bitter about this as I lived 180 miles away, surely if you are separated the same costs apply whether 50 miles or 12000 miles.
    As for paying to eat, I was lucky married men always ate free or for a minimum cost in the 80s if victualled in.
    Yes there are some perks in working as a civvie, including in some jobs expense allowance's and company cars. Overtime is usually paid as well.
    However really you have to compare like with like, civilian and service employment terms bare no relation to each other.
  19. Yes Slim I remember the old 200 mile rule. I'm sure it was nothing to do with Portsmouth and Plymouth being 180 miles apart.... was it?
    In fact now you've reminded me of that old rule it reinforces my opinion that the bastards have always been out to see us off.
    It seems that the RN adopts commercial practices on a selective basis when it gets them reduced expense.
    Going back to PAYD, shouldn't there be a choice of providers onsite? That would ensure that the standards and value were kept high.
  20. Having tried the PAYD recently while attending a reunion at Pompey barracks I must admit it seems to be a retrograde step.
    The organisation running the show of course should make a profit but they are under the same constraints of cost as the RN caterers who were not expected to make any profit. And of course the RN caterers were paid for all persons victualed on board even if they went on weekend. Thus in reality there was a little slack in the costs.
    Now with PAYD there is no slack, profits have to be made, stands to reason that quality must be compromised.

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