PAX premiums to increase by up to 160%

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by IDOITDEEPER, Nov 4, 2007.

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  1. Read this today thought would be of interest to all. According to the Sunday Times the company that administrates PAX, the American Insurance Group are in talks with the MOD to significantly increase premiums after massive payouts resulting from injuries to troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq. What do we all think?- From a personal perspective-FCUKING TWATS
  2. They have done this in the past. 1999, & 2000.

    PAX are like any other company they are there to MAKE MONEY. Not fecking rocket science, have to pay out pot of money gets smaller must put more money in the pot.

    I am sure other insurance companies have increased their rates for personel going into zones of conflict.
  3. Not feckin rocket science?

    Forgive me for having an opinion. Servicemen have been paying into PAX for over 20 years. The amount of money made for shareholders over this period of time would add to a ludicrous amount. Taking into account that PAX pays out only for personal injury and not combat related injuries. (It is Personal Accident Insurance) surely it is irrelevant WTF troops are serving.
  4. Don't shoot the messenger, Personal Accident Insurance... Have you seen the driving in the sand box.... The state of the roads, sate of building they could fall down at any time, and cause accedental injury.

    I did not say I agreed with the hike in premiums, I just understand WHY THEY HAVE DONE IT.

    I was NOT commenting on YOUR OPPINION.

    As Dirty Harry said "Opinions are like arse holes evey one has one".

    Please don't take offence It is NOT a poke at YOU OK :thumright:

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