Paul McCartney

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by cúnt, Feb 3, 2012.

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  1. Out tomorrow, his new album 'Kisses on the bottom'.

    I just know that next time I've got my tongue nestled in the warm embrace of a girl's shitter, the image of that wanker is going to pop in to my head. At least in the past my brain would instantly have flashed to the image of a money grabbing bitch ramming her stump up his hoop a moment later.

    I'm fúcking distraught that he's ruined my favourite thing to do in the whole world.

    The cúnt
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  2. Seconded. ...........
  3. I was hoping to read that he had got his wings ..
  4. You've only just realised he's a cunt? Fuck me you're slow!
  5. Sorry to hear that rimming's been ruined for you...but did you mean to say you thought of Paul McCartney while enojoying arse to mouth fun in the past? If so...respect. He's a massive waste of space....
  6. It stops me blowing my load.
  7. You've managed to have a go at it since hearing about it? Good work! Would imagining punching either Paul or Heather help?
  8. She's here now.. I'll try it
  9. Good work. Shame it's not Paul though....
  10. I'd do his stumpy ex.
  11. He just thought of his Ring...................o:laughing2:
  12. Muff, muff me do ! :slow:
  13. 'I want to hold your (anal) glands.....'
  14. But would you go down on one knee?
  15. Outstanding!
  16. Just remember, there's no erectile tissue there.
  17. There's an erectile in my tissues quite frequently.
  18. On a serious note, C#nt's awareness of the importance of ATM action is heartening. Amongst most of my friends, lack of hoop love is seen a real fail....
  19. We all love the dung button.
  20. Seriously, my last 2 boyfriends have feared either giving or receiving 'love' down there.....

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