Paul Goodman MP to step down at the next General Election

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Paul Goodman MP, former editor of The Telegraph's comment pages and currently a frontbencher within the local government and communities team, is to stand down at the next General Election. Mr Goodman entered the Commons in 2001 and now sits on a projected Conservative majority of 7,012 in Wycombe.
Re: Paul Goodman MP to step down at the next General Electio

He sees power flowing from backbenchers to the executive. From politicians to the media. From Westminster to the European Union. His particular new worry is the effect of expenses-gate on the quality of MPs:
I would say that he has got a point. Brown, Blare and noo Labia in general have done immense damage to Government, Parliament and the overall national attitude. As things stand, this erosion hasn’t finished. Who will protect us from professional politicians?
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