Patrols on Bombers

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Nicks, Mar 1, 2008.

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  1. Just read in Navy News that the latest Trident patrol was one of the longest ever. Without breaking Op Sec what sort of time are these lads sort of looking at now?

    I always did an 8 weeker and I thought that was the norm unless something special happened.
  2. So what?
  3. maybe something special happened then!
    The norm now is 12wks
  4. it's all relative surely? 12 weeks without sun and e-mails versus 9months with stops and TV
  5. long gone are the days of 8 weekers..... :frustrated:
  6. well BFBS. its a long way from tv :p (joking before everyone says back in my day....)
  7. Ah poor old Bomber Queens eh. 'Spose their down to only two family grams a patrol. Hang on that should be three now their doing proper sea time.
    Well done lads. Watch on stop on!
  8. May I ask a question, is that 12 weeks at sea i.e. gangway gone and little if any land in sight or is that when they are on crew and start watch keeping and load missiles and then unload at the end?

    I have found the modern navy rather put a spin on some of its alledged sea time and patrol times that I am a bit cynical.

  9. On crew is generally around the 5-month mark, although this can (and often is) longer. Throughout the on crew period the SWS lads watch keep variations of 1 in 3. This may be a straight 12 hours on 24 hours off, or other permutations. A patrol is generally 12 weeks long, as in dive then surface 12 weeks later. You’re allowed 2 x40 word family grams per week and you receive censored news every day, but it’s all one-way traffic. Hope this helps?

  10. Fanks everything I asked. :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:
  11. 2x40 word grumblygrams a week! What do they find to talk about?
    Get to sea...switch off...get back.....switch on...simple.
  12. I try to sleep during most of my off watch so wiv a 1 in 3 watchbill it effectively means i only do 4 weeks on patrol...... :thumright:
  13. And they say time travel isn’t possible.

  14. Times have changed havent they !!

    Used to be 3 month on Crew with us MCC Queens being on watch from the first day til the last !!
    And only one familygram a week to keep us company !!
  15. x4, familygrams have changed now it's two 60 or 1 120 word a week.
    Those things are a feckin nightmare though, i can never think what to write (instructions were no weather or sport, they get sports news). How many times can i say "miss you, kids miss you, everything fine" without sounding bloomin daft!
  16. best grumbly's:

    1. Hurry home, rockets run out of batteries!

    2. Went to XXX wedding, see attached pictures.

    3.Having fun in Florida, wish you were here (Arrrrrgggggghhhhh)
  17. Life was great as a Nav Queen, MC and downstairs was total shite 12hr shifts are arse long live the Nav Centre.
  18. Typical first posting for a Nav Queen !
    Wont see or hear from him again til the end of Patrol as normal :thumright:
  19. Now now Nicks, we are all part of one department. SWS. There's no point being jealous of others in the dept who have a better job. You pick your branch and take your chance as is so often said. ;P

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