patrol vessels

River Class = Most branches of the General Service; WE's, ME's, Chefs, Stewards, Stores, Seaman (Spec),
Minehunters = Same as above and Divers, Mine Warfare
There are also 14 P2000 ships which serve the University Royal Navy Units (URNUs) - while they can accommodate up to 12 students, there is a permanent ship's company of five. Generally one warfare Lt, one Logs Chief, one Mech Eng Chief, one leading seaman and one Navs Yeo.
Is it seriously a Logs Chief now - what's the thinking behind that? I suppose if you're one of the ones on their own somethwere round the coast then it might be handy to have a CPO writer, but not a Chief Steward surely?

It was always a Chief Wafairy because then they could stand a watch and run parts of ships at specials, CPO MEA as you say, LMEM (L) (presumably now LET(ME) and a navs Yeo.

I know "seagoing" (if you can call a P2000 seagoing) billets are hard to come by for the upper echelons of the White Mafia, but is it really policy now to crew up the P2000s with them at the expense of a senior rate who might know something about seamanship (alright, stand fast RAS parties, this isn't intended to be pejorative)?
Apologies, I was speaking largely from my knowledge of only a limited number of URNUs. I know HMS Explorer's XO is a Chief Logs but he's also experienced around the parts of ship so has the confidence of the Captain.

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