Paternity Leave

From Wednesday's Torygraph, Nick Clegg, the nice leader of the Liberal Party has recommended that fathers should be given a years paternity leave WITH PAY, as the current statutory entitlment for new fathers is "pathetic".
Pity he wasn't around when the last of "the hordes of Genghis Jhan" was due to emerge in August 1974, and I was informed that I was to appear on Fridays divisions, regardless. On being told that the S&S Department would be increased by 5, all of whom had little or no respect for authority, and positively hated anything in uniform(especially those that shouted at their Dad), whether the Western National Bus Company, the Old Bill and the RN in particular, I suddenly got an extended weekend.


Lantern Swinger
Oil_Slick said:
Liberal Dummicrats = The ' What's the Point of voting for us Party'.
They are all the same, surely, it's just that the Whigs haven't been in power for so long that they know that they can say what they like without any fear of being elected!
sgtpepperband said:
OS: It's better to have a choice of alternative political parties than not at all... :roll:

Yes it is, but thanks to our system of 3 parties with no PR voting, what we get is a ying-yang between Neue Arbite and New ConservativeLabour with both of them trying to keep in the middle ground.

The 15-20% of votes wasted in each general election on the 'Haven't got a hope of being elected' party ensure we have stagnant political thinking.

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