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Paternity Leave for Dads...


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Streaky said:
Perhaps I should have said "Investing in the future of the state"?

Todays Kid = Tomorrows Taxpayer

There is a debate to be had about how best to maximise tax related income in the future, and just increasing the number of potential taxpayers may not be the best way to do that.

Slim waxes lyrical with monotonous regularity about those who are net consumers of state funding, whose progeny may also become net consumers of state funding. Sheer numbers are detrminetal to the national economy in that case.


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There are probably as many couples who are child free by choice as there are due to the inability to conceive.
However, the ability to knock out kids by the dozen should not automatically be taken to assume that these kids will be paying into the economy once they leave education. Hence procreation does not have a great deal to do with the financial state of the UK in the future.
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