Pat Condell

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by wardmaster, Oct 17, 2009.

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  1. I would like to thank the gentleman who posted a link to a youtube video of Pat Condell giving his beautifully presented viewpoint of the threat of Sharia law to this country's basic human rights. I had not heard of Pat Condell before so I googled around and got lot's of info. I have downloaded many of his podcasts to my iPod and I am looking forward to hearing a man who seems to be right on my wave length. At last a breath of fresh air to wash away the stench of PC. Ta mate!
  2. I have just listened to one of his blogs and one thing is for sure, he ain't telling any lies.
  3. I "found" him on You Tube on Friday night. You know how it is, one click leads to another click and then way hay "t1ts", then you get bored of that (eventually) and then up pops Pat ... err .... so to speak.

    From what I have seen so far, the man is a hero. My email contacts have had an email from me with a certain linky

    I hate Common Purpose (so no chance of me getting invited onto a course like MLP), I am wary of the NWO, the PC people should be shot and my comments on the Marxist EU are not even printable in 'Lils. 1984 was a book with a warning not a bl00dy blueprint of how to fcuk up the world. And the 1995 Barcelona agreement where we (..cough.. I mean the EU) has agreed to throw its lot in with the Muslim Mediteranean countries to give their natives free passage into the EU states\countries to water down the caucasian influence of Europe just makes me wanna scream.
  4. He certainly does it for me.

    Pat Condell

    I particularly like reading the responses to his vids!

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