Pastel uniforms ‘will make deportation less stressful’

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jun 26, 2007.

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  1.'s got to be Red or Black with a big Fcuk Off sign on the back!!!!!!!!!
  2. what another waste of money, how much did it cost for that offical to come up with that great idea!!!
  3. Re: Pastel uniforms ‘will make deportation less stressful�

    We went through all of this crap in the Prison Service back in the early 80's. 1st they did a moratorium on recruiting Booties and Para's, because their discipline ethic was to hard FFS. Then we were told not to wear caps, because they were considered too authoritarian!
    I realised it was time for me to leave when Inmates became,"our customer base" and should be called Mister.
    But then why should you be surprised, all of this is sort of thing is thought up by psychologist's (yet another useless degree) IMHO
  4. If we could get a sample of Mr Beans going away suit from the Ayotollah Tailoring Company, I am sure in those deportation camps there are loads of tailors looking for something to pass the time and earn a few bob.

    Might encourage them to leave a bit quicker if they go in a nice designer suit..................
  5. Bollock naked with a boot up the backside works for me - but so long as they go I dont care!!!
  6. How about a colour coded uniform system?

    Brown - fuck off terrorist back to Pakistan

    Red - fuck off pikey back to Eastern Europe

    White - fuck off Frenchie, go and surrender somewhere else

    Beige - fuck off Arab, go try the USA - Bush loves ya! Blair sends his love.
  7. Re: Pastel uniforms ‘will make deportation less stressful�

    Dark Gray Suits with Leather Trench Coats for those in charge, Black Uniforms with Peaked Caps for the enforcers.

    Scare them so much they don't want to come back
  8. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    And big fcuk off Dobermanns and Alsations, and cattle prods....and cattle trucks to take them across the channel in even......... I'm right with you mikh.

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