Past my rt today, need help please ?

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Sjjohno, Jul 22, 2014.

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  1. Hello, 1st post on here, passed my test today and I've got my interview on
    Wednesday, but at last minute something was telling me that I dont
    want to be in the navy, I wanna be a royal marine, I was goin into
    marine engeering which as you guys no when I get out can earn
    me some good money,but with the job it's self I won't have the adventure
    land excitement that's youse lot have,

    so my question is, apart from driver, mechanic, accountant etc which are jobs I don't
    really wanna do, how will the other sever me in later life when I leave,

  2. The Royal navy and of course the marines will provide you with tons of qualifications from NVQ’s to degrees, their resettlement programs do seem great too. My advice would be to yes to be concerned about when you leave but to make sure you will enjoy your job 100%! Other wise, you won’t stay in long enough to gain the transferable skills. I’m not a Bootneck but I am a RN recruit speaking from reference as I too have had this issue about what I will do after leave. Best of luck Edited to correct my "rabid" grammar.
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  3. Kin ell, that was painful to read
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  4. And take a breath.....
  5. Sorry lads, I was just trying to get my whole point a cross ha I no I'd enjoy both rolls I just need to make sure
    that when I'm older that I can't carry on with doin something I love,
    so what you kinda saying is that if I pick something I like there's a chance I can get qualifactionthat
    will help me when I do come to leave / retire ?
  6. ImageUploadedByNavy Net - Rum Ration1406053973.068452.jpg

    These two?
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  7. It's like watching spaniels attempting algebra reading the rabid ramblings of these two.

    Resettlement top notch ?????? yeah righto !!
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  8. Go booty and try for the vehicle maintenance role, you may need to brush up on your English for the Booty Vehicle Haynes Manual though!
  9. If all you are worried about is a career after you leave then jog on the Corps is not for you !

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