Password request - not me sir

Not been on here for a while, and the only reason i have popped back on tonight is that i have had an email stating the someone has requested to try and change my password

In the email i received is a confirmation code and a link, which i have not clicked on, and a IP address which state is where the request if from

Now a couple of things

A. someone has tried to register the same user name as me, found it has been taken

B. someone has tried to access my account on this forum and for what reason i can only guess but obviously up to no good

Has anyone else had a similar problem

Cheers Bert
Yeah quite possible :pissedoff:

have just used an IP address tracer, would appear who ever has tried is based in or near Kildare Ireland

Not sure how accurate that is as it tells me my IP address show me to be in Cambridgeshire, and not Somerset
Bad_CO said:
Personally I'd suspect option A - especially with a username like yours which is likely to be popular

Have you ever popped your full name into Yahoo.

When I bought the house a while back I was given a list of names similar to myself all bankrupt. One was a taxi driver in Birmingham. I had to declare I was not any of these people.

You could be Albert, Robert, Rupert,
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