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I seem to remember an RNRTM from a couple of years ago giving the procedure for renewing a passport, alll paid for by pusser. Anyone no if a) it is still extant and better yet b) what the number was?


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Reservist-Monkey said:
Next time your in unit, go to the RNR Intranet pages and there is a link (either on the front page or on the reference section) to extant RNRTMs.


You mean you have a working computer in you unit?!


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Look out - I know people who have no passports (RN not RNR though) after handing them in to be renewed by the Pusser 6 months ago! Still nothing back and they seem to be impossible to track down. Maybe that was just a crappy ships office though, but still, not good.


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I put one through at Tracey Island this year and it took about four / five weeks to turn around. I expect it differs from place to place.


I went to the UPO in Nelson and got a chit from the 'passport' desk (helpful civvie woman). You then apply for the passport through your local Post Office as normal and then take the receipt back to Nelson with the chit and the money is paid into your pay account soon after. I don't suppose the procedure is different in any other UPO.


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All UPOs can do the passport renewal. Something else that we get that the other Services don't! Take your passport, with a completed form, into the UPO, they will renew it for you. You don't need to pay, they use the Government Procurement Card now. Turn round should be quite quick, but it depends on Passport Office workloads, not the UPO.


Sorry chaps, but as the passport coordinator for my establishment - tri service I may add, you are only entitled to renew your passport at pussers expense if you expect to be deployed abroad at short notice/on active service.

The days of free passports just 'cos your in the forces and you "might" have to go overseast are long gone!

Thanks Tony/Gordon!!!!!

I manage to get most of our people through because they are deployable,
but that really is bending the rules just a little!

Time wise, new passports take on average (assuming no problems with photos, not filled in correctly etc) 2 - 3 weeks

Hope this helps


Sorry I don't agree with that - especially as a Killick Writer also working in a tri-service place! If that was the case no one would bother with passports and wait until the had to deploy there-by making pusser pay!

Or is this me looking at the sensible option?
I received my first passport at the ripe old age of 16 - apparently it was needed to fly to Gib, via crabair Comet 4, to get to my first ship (Albion).
I came across it recently - nice memories of being young...!!

Perhaps there ought to be thread for those who looked the most skin ...... :D


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Thanks for all your replies.

I know it's got increasingly difficult to get a passport on pusser, and very much dependent on your deployability. I recollect from the TM that for the RNR it's dependent on your spec.