Passport renewal on pusser?

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Uncle_Albert, May 31, 2009.

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  1. I recall hearing that since pusser requires us to have a valid passport with X months on it, we can charge the renewal to pusser. Can anyone confirm/deny this, and provide some details? A BR ref would be smashing.
  2. You can claim on JPA on one of the drop down expenses menus.
  3. Indeed you can, shippers. And a Commonwealth passport, too, incidentally.
  4. JSP 752

    Provision of Passports and Visas at Public Expense
    Aim: To provide Service personnel and their immediate family travelling on official journeys with the necessary identity documentation.

    There is a liability for Income Tax and NICs when Service personnel are provided with a new, renewal or replacement passport
    and/or visa and do not travel to a country which requires a valid passport and/or visa within 6 months of purchase at public expense. This
    liability will be met by MOD and paid centrally by SPVA under a PSA. To limit this liability, passports and/or visas are, where possible, only
    to be purchased where overseas travel requiring the passport and/or visa within the next 6 months is expected.

    Pusser will buy/renew your passport if there is a valid service reason for the trip you need it for. Just being in the RNR doesn't count.
  5. Tight bastards. It used to be a 10 year on joining and automatic renewal. They have really done all they can to claw back money paid out.

    As far as I remember, they were next to useless anyway as all the authorities around the world were only interested in seeing your id card.
    I remember on lots of occassions, we actually had to go and ask to get a stamp on it when entering a country.
  6. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Exactly! Most Reservists are more likely to travel overseas as a result of their own holidays, rather than for mobilisation; why the feck should Pusser pay for that privilege?! :evil:
  7. As I understand it, Pusser requires those in the forces to be ready to go on short notice and to have at least six months validity on their passport (which is also a requirement many nations impose on incoming foreigners, so I suppose that may be the source of pusser's requirement).

    If the BR says we've got to have it, that is a service reason. What I don't know right now is if the BR does specify this. Can anyone contribute?

    SgtPepperBand; your argument is inherently flawed and you come across as a reservist-basher rather than as someone with anything worthwhile to say. No matter, that happens a lot round here. Setting aside mobilisation, I've been sent overseas on duty five times in the last five years, and that's pretty standard.
  8. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    I'm with SGP here - we know when we're going overseas pretty much. If you are genuinely in need of a renewal then thats one thing, but I see no reason why Pusser should pick up the tab for the whole RNR when many could get their passport renewed (£60 a time) and walk away the next day. Link it to operational reasons only.
  9. In principle, although the 30 day notice for mobilisation doesn't leave much scope.

    Equally anyone on the way out could get one, centrally funded, a week before going on terminal leave...
  10. I thought it was a requirement for everyone in the forces to have an in date passport from completion of training. Given how a lot more people seem to be flying backwards and forwards surely the £72 passport fee is a small amount to pay to know you can send your people when required at short notice. Especially when it will last for 9 1/2 years. What does it cost in time and effort when you can't draft someone because they don't have an in date passport?
  11. Standby to be bored to within an inch of your lives :roll:

    The renewing of passports is not an entitlement to ANYONE in the services unless they have an operational valid reason. (ie deploying) when at least must be valid for 6 months. (JSP 800 chapter 17)

    JSP 752 annex A chapter 11 states the same in less words :D

    You cannot use JPA to claim the exspense as any fees due for renewing passports must come from a unit budget holder who is a government procurement card holder. They will issue you with a GPC form to place inside application which goes to special section at Newport for action. This is the only official route to claim passport fees free of charge of pusser.

    This method is also backed up by a DIN March 2009.

    If you use JPA good luck if audited.

    If you join the Navy and have never had a passport before Raleigh/Britannia will issue you the forms and YOU will foot the bill. (JSP 800 chpt 17).

    Has no mention about regulars or reservist personnel just personnel who are being depolyed overseas.

    and breath................................ :lol:

    and before you say it ............must get out more 8O
  12. Thankyou for such a comprehensive answer.

    Now what if you were at Raleigh/BRNC without a passport. When given the form said trainee says "Where am I going". DO replies"Nowhere", trainee says "I'll pass then as i can't really afford the cost if i don't need it and when I do the pusser will pay for it". (Trainee reads rumration for useful titbits prior to joining).
  13. I joined 2 or 3 years ago and wouldn't have got past the AFCO stage without clutching said PP, fully paid for by myself. And that was with the full intention of mobilising.
    Nobody has since informed me I could have claimed the money back.

    Having very recently experienced the way pusser throws money at airlines (6 flights in as many months) I can't believe they won't foot the cost of a poxy £70.
  14. Sorry to disagree, but:

    Raleigh does not issue passport application forms, as they are not allowed to keep any stock of them. You must have an valid passport when you join. No passport, no join.

    When your passport is due for renewal it is up to the individaul to get the form from the post office and pay for the renewal. YOU CAN CLAIM FOR THIS ON JPA
  15. Some very interesting view points have been aired here on this issue.
    All personnel, when at the trained strength in the Sea(Res) branch are subject to mobilisation, and if they don't indicate when it is least inconvienient for them to go, they will just get picked at any time. Thus, in my oppinion, the requirement needs further staffing, and I am on the case. When I have the answer from CMR, I will let those who are interested know, via a post on this site - also, those in the branch, standby for an ETM.
    It might take me a bit longer than normal as I'm away in Oz/NZ (again) on business!
  16. No need to shout dear boy!! :roll:

    I am quoting the Book references and advice from the UPO. :lol:

    Read DIN March 2009 which will contradict what you just said. Would Print it in full but Security restrictions will not allow it.

    Regarding Raleigh again just quoting the JSP, if they tell you to arrive with in date passport hurray!!! no need to issue forms then that they dont hold.

    Try and help some people and all you get is grief. :D

    Now where is that Sarah Boyle Biography 8O 8O
  17. The Sarah Boyle read could be a cracker, she's spiralling out of control! Probably best to get the book now before the updated one next year which chronicles her US adventure, mainly because it may have sex in it. 8O :pukeright:

    Must sympathise with R12, can't believe the pusser has become even tighter since I left 3 years ago.
  18. Pusser paid for mine when I joined in the 90's lol

    As the saying goes. No one dips out in the RN some people dip in more than others lol
  19. A couple of years ago we were told that everyone in the RNR must be issued with ID tags. We were given forms to complete which included a requirement to know your blood group. Since i didn't know my blood group i asked if it was possible for the RNR Doc to test it for me. No dice was the reply, but you can reclaim the cost of an NHS blood test.

    All of the forms from our unit were to be issued in one go so off i went to the local hospital for a blood test. £40+ lighter the RNR refuse to refund my blood test, even though i had an email confirming that i would be reimbursed.

    Apparently it only takes a minute to do a blood test and it is therefore not a requirement to have it on your ID discs.

    A couple of questions spring to mind;
    1. If its not a requirement why is there a specific place on the disc for it and why did the forms issued request it?
    2. If its so quick and easy to take and test a blood sample why does everyone in theater have their blood group written all over their kevlar?

    Fcuking typical cluster fcuk!
  20. Just take a second and think about it FFS, do you think combat medics, possibly under fire, have time to carry out a blood test. Doesn't matter if your at sea or on land, the doc's may have only minutes to save your life and don't need to p1ss ar*e about doing tests :roll:

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