Passport Application Scam

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Dec 11, 2013.

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  1. I consider myself to be wise and capable of using Tinternet.
    However I have just been scammed:

    Recently I had occassion to renew my passport and decided to do this on line.
    Putting in UK passport application into the search engine brought up the information required.
    I selected the site and proceeded to fill in my application and then paid the required ammount of £89:50
    I thought this seems rather high but the site then stated that it sharged a fee for checking the application to see if it was filled in correctly.
    Yes you've guessed it, I wasn't on the government site but a site set up to look like an official site, not too bad I thought it's only an extra £10 or so. Wrong.
    My passport application was received from the passport office ready for me to apply for the passport along with the passport fee.
    So I have been charged £89:50 for what I could have received for FREE if I had gone to the Government site.
    The site in question is:
    It seems to be a legal Rip-Off

    SO IF THE SITE DOES NOT STATE .GOV tell em to feck orf
  2. There is a similar scam site for applying for the NHS E111 card for medical services in the EU,it charges a tenner for a card that is free. One way round these scam sites is to start at the site and follow from their links. You learn something new every day....

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  3. I had a similar situation applying for ESTA for USA.....its $14.... but some search engines direct you to money making sites.
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  4. just use the official .gov site no problems
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  5. Exactly, however the site looked like the government site i stupidly didn't check the www. address.
    Still once bitten................
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  6. Maybe we could get this cross posted or moved to bloody computers, but thanks for flagging it up anyway Slim. Although technically not a scam, it is a ripoff, since they actually provided a service and didn't steal/sell your info (as far as you can tell, but keep a beady eye on your credit report for the next year or two). Unfortunately they use all kinds of cheating techniques to get up the search rankings and onto the front page of your favourite search engine.

    Govt own official word on the subject

    also see Grauniad article linked from the govt one
    Google Adword: beware copycat websites in paid-for search results | Money | The Guardian

    Official site if you are trawling the intertubes and just looking for the right one to get an application....
    application form
  7. Trouble is Slim these quasi government sites are so genuine in there look and feel it's so easy to do. The internet is vastly becoming a minefield if you don't keep a weather eye on everything. Thanks for flagging it up though be one, (another one I should say), to watch out for. Bad luck this time mucka!
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    There a several scam sites for obtaining a National Insurance number also.
  9. The reason that I flagged it up was to stop anyone else being fleeced.
    It seems that there are many such scams on tinternet so best we all take care
  10. I think its very bold of you to admit your experience, Slim. Many of us have been there, paid the price and been too embarrassed to talk about it. Well done, mate. :thumleft:
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  11. Bit like catching a dose of Crabs really and having to tell the rest of the mess to muster at the sickbay for a short arm muster:p
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  12. +1. BZ Slim for putting it up to help others.
  13. Duty mess, even those green matress covers couldnt keep the buggers from spreading like bad news.
  14. When a ...'cough'...'ahem'....friend of mine got a dose, the rest of the mess knew about it 'cos his tot was stopped.
  15. Fekin hell draconian or what, didn't the 'crumb brushes' have to wear white gloves in the dim and distant past if they caught a dose?

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  16. On a roughly related topic. Does anybody know what passers current stance is
    on passport renewals? When they will and won't pay for them?
  17. They will pay for one if you need one for your draft. So if you are drafted to a sea going unit or in a shore draft that overseas travel is likely they will pay for one. Failing that you are on your own. I know this because I am currently having to renew mine myself from my kids shoe fund...
  18. Also applies to:

    CRB and Data Protection registration, Bloody Scousers send the forms with an unfranked official looking envelope and an invoice for £30 more than the official rate all they do is send it to you and forward it in the free post envelope. Did not fall for it, was warned by my trade association.
  19. Slim,
    Ooops. :blank: See post below please.


    Edited due to clumsiness.

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  20. Slim,
    If you paid the fee by direct debit or by credit card you should go and talk to your bank as they can stop/claim the money back for you. The company WHO4 Ltd. that run the website did not provide you with a new passport but they charged you for one. That is fraud.

    Last edited: Dec 12, 2013
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