Passport and Birth Certificate queries

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Tailz, Mar 16, 2008.

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  1. Do i need a full Uk passport before i can goto my marines training?

    Or do i need it before my Aptitude test, its in 11 days :\
  2. Passport and birth certificate

    I have my aptitude test tomorrow and I have just discovered my passport and birth certificate are missing, will I still be able to proceed with the test? When do these documents have to be produced?
  3. Re: Passport and birth certificate

    If you've got your aptitude test tomorrow and you've only just found out that you don't know where your passport and birth certificate are then I'd say you've failed. How long have you known when your test will be? If you knew you needed to produce them then you certainly haven't done any forward planning, so don't particularly show much aptitude. You deserve to fail. Plank!
  4. Re: Passport

    If you had actualy read up on the job you are considering then to be fairly honest you should know that.
  5. Re: Passport and birth certificate

    Six P principle always works.

    Give them a call first thing. then apply for new ones
  6. Re: Passport and birth certificate

    I'm a recruiter for the RN/RM - not in the office you're attending because wedon't test on a Monday - but I would be disappointed if u turned up without either a BC or a PP... not only because you've known for at least 2 weeks that your RT is tomorrow - but more so because we will not be able to prove u are who u say you are... the ONLY forms of ID acceptable as proof of ID are BC & PP....even tho your driving licence may have a pic on it... .. Good luck! (u sound as tho u may need it...)
  7. Re: Passport

    They say you need it before joining. but there were alds on day 1 at raleigh who did not have one. The MOD will pay for it.
    But you may look a bit stupid. But if your prepared to look a little stupid and save yourself £80 or what ever it is, then dont bother.
  8. Re: Passport

    You have made plenty of bone comments so dont try tipping others.
  9. Re: Passport

    I was told the MOD will not pay for it.
  10. Re: Passport and birth certificate

    I knew I had my passport and birth certificate as I took them on my initial presentation but since coming home from that day 2 weeks ago they are missing. So I have either A) lost them on my way home from the AFCO or B) miss placed them upon returning home which is very unlikely as I am more responsible then to just leave them lying around and forget where they are.

    I have a shoulder bag which they were in and the only items I have taken out since that day was my example questions and application form.
  11. Re: Passport and birth certificate

    is it possible you left them at the AFCO?
  12. Re: Passport

    I may have asked stupid questions...
    But they are only ones which dont have flipping answers to them on the internet
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re: Passport

    You must be in possession of a valid passport as a condition of entry into Naval services.

    You must produce the passport at your AFCO before you join, but not necessarily at the start of the process. No passport, no join, end of.

    If your passport expires the month after you join or many years after you join, the Navy pays whilst you are serving. The Navy will not pay for one if it has expired before your joining date & your AFCO will withdraw you from an entry.

    If claiming Jobseekers allowance & are suffering genuine financial hardship, speak to the people who pay your Jobseekers Allowance.
  14. Re: Passport and birth certificate

    I hope so, would they not of called me to advise me of this though? I received a call from them as they had to change the date of the test.

    Is it really important at this stage for me to have them? I don't mind replacing them but will take at least a few weeks for the PP
  15. Re: Passport

    can any one send me the link of how to join the Royal Navy with out a passport
    Thanks in anticipation of abuse
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re: Passport and birth certificate

    If you cannot provide proof positive you are who you say you are, then you possibly may not be permitted to sit the Recruiting Test, as previously alluded.

    You would be advised to pitch-up at the AFCO anyway with whatever documentary proof of identity you still have rather than simply not turn up.

    It is remotely possibly your original documentation has been placed in your pack in error. The AFCO should always take copies of originals & had them straight back, but such mistakes are not entirely unheard of, particularly if they're busy, or there's someone new on reception. If you cannot remember handing over the documentation to be copied, it's a fairly remote possibility you left it in the AFCO to be honest.
  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re: Passport

    It used to happen, it doesn't any more I'm afraid. No passport, no join.
  18. Re: Passport and birth certificate

    I did hand them to the AFCO officer upon my arrival, they photocopied my passport and as far as i can remember they were handed back to me.

    Surely if they have a photocopy that would suffice for the time being as they have obviously seen my passport to make a copy.

    In the meantime I will take as much documentation as possible. Would utility bills, medical card and other photo ID be suitable?
  19. Re: Passport and birth certificate

    Mate, if you cannot even look after your own Passport and Birth Certificate then I don't think you are anywhere near ready for entering the AFCO let alone the RN.
  20. Re: Passport and birth certificate

    Well, as part of my duties as a lawyer I am required to check ID and we accept a forces ID card, but OMG you don't have that yet!

    Never mind!

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