Passing vitalograph test

Need advice, currently in phase one training (loving every minute of it). however, I keep screwing up the vitalograph test

I have been told by the med centre CPO not to worry and that I will get to complete it but cannot help but worry as will be really pissed if i have to join fleet instead of the silent service. Is there anything i can do to help me pass ie to increase my lung capacity etc :thumright:
do you smoke?If so STOP!there are breathing techniques on the net but a lot look like mumbo jumbo to me.Some decent physical excersise should help.
It's all about method. They'll probably have told you this already but if it helps...

the trick is to blow out as hard AND QUICKLY as you can. If it's not there immediately tyou won't get it. I had a few problems first but I eventually got it. (Got the classic sarky comment off the doc "Are you joining the navy or WRNS?". Wnaker.)
hey mate. don't worry about it. and you don't need to stop smoking. i do 20 a day and i passed it first time. A guy in my mess was having trouble passing it and the MA gave him some advice. one is to go for a jog before you take the test. not immediately ofcourse. but this will open up your airways ofcourse and should help. the other was to drink a can of red bull before you do it. not sure the science of that one, but apparently it works.


Careful - it's a Vitalograph not a peak flow. You need to blow out hard and keep blowing out until there's no air left in your lungs. Usually the person administering the test encourages you along the way, but I've found this varies from person to person.

Keep blowing until you are bright red in the face and literally have no air left in your lungs. You might even cough afterwards if you've done it properly.

And yes, smokers pass it, but lung size varies with your height (not weight) so a 6' smoker is more likely to pass than a 5' non-smoker, if you see what I mean. If you smoke, stop. It's disgusting anyway.


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Always had to do it twice! Breath out till you feel light headed and that should do it. Don't get yourself worked up over it!
You go for it big time.
Once you've passed've passed it.
Blast the back of your brains out. I found counting all the way through to the end took my mind off the fact that the bottom of my lungs were about to see daylight.
You're about to do the best bit of the course as well.
THE TANK......Great fun and not to be missed......Take a good deeeeep breath.
Tap tap!
haven't smoked for over a year!!, been told it is my technique, done the thing four times now and not getting it on leave at the moment and all i think i can do is keep exercising to keep up fitness levels and that should help with lungs!! thanks for the replies

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