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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by drakdi, Jan 23, 2010.

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  1. Passed out another class yesterday into Phase Two and once again the pride and emotion of the day for the recruits was indescribable. After nine weeks of tough, rigorous training they felt as if they have finally made it, and as their instructor I felt proud to have been a part of it. So to all you Newbies on here, keep the faith as the wait to get in will be well worth it. Just one thing though, make sure you are physically fit before you join as it will benefit you right from the start.
  2. It's thanks to you and your colleagues Drakdi that they reach this stage. It takes a lot of hard work on your part to get them all shipshape - you can justifiably be proud.
  3. My class were just behind the class passing out on the parade ground yesterday, we are in week 7 and got to wear our number 1's on the parade ground for the first time. We all felt well proud, only 2 weeks left now until we are there... Can't wait!
  4. Thanks Soleil, after 30 years in the RN I can honestly say it is THE most rewarding job I have ever done even if some of the recruits are a bit "challenging" at times :lol:
  5. My son passed out on the 15th of January and it was one of the best day's of my life. The parade overall was excellent and I can't thank the training staff enough for the difference in my son. It must be very rewarding to see the effect that 9 weeks of discipline and training can make on the recruits. A letter of appreciation is on the way to Raleigh.
  6. Nice work drakdi, its good work from you that get recruits to the passing out stage (well all the instructors ).
  7. I'm joining in 5 days. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time but I know that in the end it will be worth it and I really want to make my parents proud. Don't worry I've been working on my fitness since August so hopefully that will benefit me a lot!
  8. You will love it if you come in with that attitude. Passing the PJFT on day 2 is the first fitness hurdle, pass that and then with the help of the PT staff your fitness will improve over the 9 weeks. Another thing to practice is your ironing. The folding to A4 will be taught to you by the instructors.
  9. When at Raleigh can a recruit have the chance to do extra fitness if they wanted to do so?
  10. Yes, it's a BIG parade ground. :evil: :D

  11. Yes, some evenings, if your kit is done and a few weekends are free for personal recreation, eg swimming or gym or just a run around the base
  12. Yeah I'm joining on Sunday - cannot wait! Excited a little nervous but just want to get there and get the 9 weeks done, don't want too let anyone down!
    Think my fitness is upto it, been working really hard on it and Im a sporty person anyway. Just nervous about my swimming although sure it will be fine!
    Raleigh = bring it on!!!!!
  13. they still compete for a large cake on Saturday rounds, winning class/mess would never eat cake but two would volunteer to take said cake to local kids hospital.
  14. Negative Sterling, they dont have formal rounds on a Saturday anymore. I remeber in the wooden huts circa 1976 competing for the Captains cake and then being allowed ashore in our No 2s if we won.
  15. Ah, the wooden huts!!! So, if Rounds and The Cake have gone, I suppose there is no chance of 'The Judging' being alowed to continue!! :evil:

    That was where the Senior Class got garbed up their AGRs and generally disguised themselves, then broke into the Junior Class's hut and ritually humiliatd them - all in the name of character building I guess. :lol:
  16. Maybe it still goes on but not in front of the Instructors :lol:

  17. Is that a 'wink wink, say no more' maybe? :wink:
  18. Yes, daubing them with blanco and boot polish then marching them to the showers and throwing buckets of ice cold water at them whilst they saluted and recited 'Rule Britannia', not bullying, they loved it as we did as junior mess. Also throwing crabby bastards into the block pool dressed in full No1's.
  19. Hi Drakdi. My son passed out on 22 January 2010 so I guess that was this parade you are talking about. I don't know if you were involved with Port or Starboard but I just want to add my sentiments about the PRIDE we feel on about boys and girls becoming a part of the 'senior service'. My son is following in the footsteps of his Grandfather and as parents we feel very emotional that the Trainers have made such an impact on instiling the values that we know are so important. From a proud parent WELL DONE Raleigh.

    And can I just add to all Newbies.. he is Lovin it!
  20. Hi Drakdi,
    Dont know if you were there the back end of last year as a trainer,but my two son's passed out on the same day,one port one starboard,you guys made it easy for us though by staggering the presentations so me and the mrs seen both of them. Didnt get a chance on the day to thank you all.
    We had a great day glad i had the video camera on so no one could see the big jocko bawlin his eyes out behind it, especially when they came up the stairs at the end side by side at the front of the colume lol.
    But as others have said great experiance and so proud of both of them, and how much they matured over 9 weeks, well as much as a 16 & 17 year old could lol.
    Just a foot note on them,one has just got his dolphin's on his last tour out east,and the other one.well he should have his by now,but we wont find out till he's back.
    If you were involved thanks again,and thanks to anybody else involved who may be on here.

    Very proud Mr & Mrs Munchter

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