Passing Out.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by rossclark, Nov 24, 2009.

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  1. It is a long long way away for me right now but out of interest when passing out how many people are you allowed to come and watch? Is there a limit or does it not really matter?

    I know it's a random question! Cheers guys.
  2. I was told at the RNAC that each person can take 4 people. However, if another person doesnt use their 4 then the places get offered around.
  3. My lad took 8, but not me as I was at sea...bargain :)
  4. :) Thanks, it's just because i know my grandparents will want to be there as will my parents. Wasn't looking forward to having to pick which one.
  5. I went to my mates passing out parade around a month ago and he had around 15 people there. Not sure it really matters as long as it's not a massive crowd. Don't hold me to that though...
  6. av got quiet a big family so can an one confirm how many your alowed
  7. the answer's already been given. Read the thread from the start. There sensible limits and it depends how many guests others are bringing. Perhaps someone could draw you a picture if you are unable comprehend this...
  8. ang on someone said 4 and some said 15 so how as the answer been answered soft lad!!
  9. I've been told 1 car full!! My daughter passes out in January.
  10. The second post...

  11. on the forth post it says some lad had 15 their?
  12. Well then you'd guess that some people took less than four people allowing for more of his family and friends to come
  13. 8O The post says you are allowed 4 and that if other people don't use all of their 4, the places get offered around, so just maybe, perhaps not everyone took the 4 so there were more spaces allowing someone else to bring more people. Not too difficult....
  14. fair enough
  15. You can have as many guests as you like. They will have a full day at Raleigh. A presentation on Phase One training followed by a tour of the camp and then a buffet lunch before the Passing Out parade, then back to the bar before yo proceed on weekend leave.
  16. Is the buffet available to the recruits who are passing out?......
  17. No. The recruits pay £2.50 per guest. The class will be busy getting ready for the parade and will eat in their normal galley.
  18. Hey - soft lad - do one. :roll:
  19. If you take Drakdi at his word, you'd best all book 56-seater coaches to cart all your family and hangers-on down to Raleigh. I'd love to see the queue at the main gate whilst all the girlies are getting their handbags searched. :lol: Hope the weathers's nice.
  20. Will there be them cheese and pineapple things on sticks at the buffet? I like them, classy. Or will it just be action messing?

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