Passing out tomorrow!


Lantern Swinger
Hi all,

Well it didn't seem yesterday I made my first posting on here back at the start of the year. Tomorrow I'll be passing out of Raleigh and moving to MWS Collingwood for 16 weeks Phase Two training!

Some top tips for Raleigh:
-Get fit before you join; do lots of running and learn to swim if you can't already.
-Learn as much as you can about the Navy - it'll help for your exams.
-Take 3 pairs of underwear to display in your locker permanently.
-DON'T BE ADRIFT! Always at least 5 minutes early.
-Be immaculate at all times. It'll pay off.

Probably the most important is to keep smiling and don't loose your sense of humour - time will pass incredibly slowly otherwise.

Good luck to all those about to embark on their Naval careers and those already in training - it really is worth the effort!


Lantern Swinger
I'm at Raleigh at the moment on a proffesional course.

Meant to be on divisions unless it rains

Im praying for rain

Good luck though :thumright:
Congrats Chris. At Collingrad you can stop parading your keks in your locker and start wearing them. That way you won't get any more bollockings for having skid marks on your trolleys! o_O

Don't forget to pack your special sock: Mandy, isn't it? ;)
Chicogiz said:
Weldone m6 and good luck for phase 2. Could you do a diary of what it was like at raleigh.
Christ - you don't ask for much!! :pottytrain2: Do one yourself yer lightweight!!

If you had got him to join as a Submariner you would be 8 weeks closer to £1000 in your pocket
Very true - I'm going to change who I socialise with and start coining it in!!

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