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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Navyparent, Mar 5, 2009.

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  1. Son is currently going through basic training at HMS Raleigh at the moment. We have been provided with a date for his 'passing out' parade (when I was in the Army it was definitely a passing out parade :lol: ) and it is our intention to travel down the night before.

    I have read somewhere that recruits would be allowed out to meet family the night before, is this correct?
  2. Can't say for sure myself but from what I've gathered from a bit of browsing is that as a recruit you only go on leave immeadiately after your passing out parade (so no leaving Raliegh to meet up) and the gates open to parents at 10:00 on the friday (so you won't be able to come in 'til then).

    Hopefully someone will be along in a bit who's already been through it (I'm still waiting to start :) ).
  3. That was a non-answer as you told Navyparent absolutely nothing. Get back in your box.

    There is an opportunity for parents to meet their loved ones on the evening before passing out. However, this is a priviledge that has to be earned by the trainees and can be withdrawn at short notice. If they let the standards slip in the last few days as lethargy sometimes sets in because they think that they have done it all they don't get leave. This has happened in the past so be prepared for it.
  4. Sorry. My bad. At least I didn't presume to make it look as though I knew something I didn't.
  5. If you DO NOT KNOW the Answer, don't put your hand up :twisted:
  6. Thanks for the answer(s) - just hope he does well to merit being granted the privilege :oops:
  7. They have leave from 1900 til 2215 on Thursday night to meet their parents. However, a lot of trainees lose this leave so don't plan anything too special.

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