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Polto said:
...Anyway. Accom. There are limited B&B's in Torpoint but there are lots over in Plymouth - prices should start around twenty quid for a night I reckon...

Or hang around the bars and clubs at Derry's Cross and some friendly reliable matelot will trap you and allow you to accompany him back to his accommodation in Drake... :oops: :wink:


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Have a good night!! and forgive my ignorance Im only an Insurance broker looking for info about the Passing out parade, whey hey I got it right this time!! or did I? (sorry I couldn't resist) Anyway may delete this account as it seems most of the info I need is on the RN website Thanks for your help you guys and stop squabbling.......... :)
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Waspie said:
slim said:
Naval_Gazer said:
I'm talking about the bad old days of hot-hammocking when Hig and his cronies had to work a two-in-three watchkeeping system, even when alongside. :wink:

Higs is an ex wafu and as such would never have worked a watchkeeping system when alongside.
They flew the fck out of the aircraft at sea but as you cannot fly alongside harbour time was always spent on maintaining the aircraft.
OK he may have had to do hanger sentry but we wafu's always did have a better watchkee[ing system than general service :p

We WAFU's leave nautical things like 'watch keeping' to you naval pro's. As WAFU's we are proud of our last on first off regime. As long as you nautical types ensure the bow doors are secure :wink: and the CSB has been cooled suitably, we'll be fine. :lol: :lol: :lol:

PS Higs was a Aircraft Handler, (aircraft movements and fire fighting), and as such never threw spanners at aircraft, probably threw a few at the mechanics if they were pissing him about on a aircraft move though!!!! :lol:

Also an Air Traffic Controller, Also had the power on a Flight Deck to give Pilots a bollocking if they didn`t do as they were fukcing told.

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