Passing Out Parade Lympstone

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Bergen, Jun 8, 2007.

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  1. It's a small world........just bumped into a jockistani from Arbroath in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. He was on the 'phone to his family in UK. They were all at Lympstone watching his nephew receive his Green Beret. The lad passed Commando Course and beat his old man's times on everything including the 30 miler. I don't even know the lad's name but he will join 45 RM Commando in time to be at RM's Falklands memorial parade.

    His old man must be really proud and apparently there were relatives at Lympstone from the USA and Canada and they are all heading out on the piss now :thumright:

  2. i'd love to see that but i'd probably miss most of the nuances.

    bergs, have you seen a MCRD graduation?

    reason why i'm asking is for comparisons
  3. No wouldn't miss any of the nuances. Despite your funny accent and predisposition to drink strange beer you would fit right in. Royal would take the piss out of you for a little while to see how you react and quietly slide a pint of something good into your mit.

    A Royal Marine recruit passing-out parade is remarkably similar to your Marine Corps Recruit Depot graduation; a little more low-key and a better band would be the main differences :thumright:

    Families in the background as proud as punch, mothers crying and fathers suddenly watery-eyed and blaming it on the breeze blowing off the River Exe. The ex-recruits now wearing their green lids are introducing their oppo's to their families and there are usually a few sisters in the mix to make the evening's celebrations 'interesting'.

    I watched the Royal Marines receive Colours on Plymouth Hoe in 2001 and I wonder if anyone has any pictures of it??? Stirring or what. Fcukin breeze blowing off Plymouth Sound got right in my eyes.



  4. funny thing; i've been to two MCRD graduations: my own and my sons.

    I embarrassed him heartily when i went to his Drill Instructor and thanked the Drill Instructor for making my son a better man; it must have seemed like a prophet talking to a God. :D
  5. Royal Marines to your duties...Quick March. Nuff said.
    Damn something in my eye.
  6. Platoon 1101... DIS-MISS!

  7. Passed out of 205 Troop 74/75 to the tune of 'Thunderbirds'
  8. See? Time flys when you are in a coma HB?

    respect xx
  10. one thing that works over here spenny, is to emphasize how hard it is, and to imply he might not be able to do it.

    nothing like a challenge to get some young man's fire up.

    P.S. it worked on my son too.
  12. Yes J, but the Scots are a hard lot...minus the hairgel...and aftershave...and w*nking...and girls??
  13. lol my boy has red hair like his mothers, and his mother we traced back to scotland (approx 300 years ago).
  14. Oi pinta I resemble that
  15. Roger that Jars. Im seeing him tomorrow, so will give it a go.

    Cheers mate
  17. just to back up what i said in more explanation manner, over here for the USA(army), USN, USCG, and USAF, the commercials are all about how much the experience is for you, how much you can benefit (as a member), etc.

    USMC commercials show hard work, dedication, and say at the end, "Maybe you can be one of us".

    USMC also has never failed in its recruitment quotas, even in the face of the Iraq war because of these tactics.
  18. Agreed mate - very much like Royal Marines 99.99% need not apply adverts here in the UK. Show how tough it is, issue the challenge and watch them flock!! Dangling th carrot tactic really.........

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