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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by snapdragon, Aug 12, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone know which CD is used for divisions at Raleigh? Or know the name of the music we march past to? If I can only get one march, I want the march past but don't know what it's called!
  2. Most likely to be Hearts of Oak.I have it in MP3 format if you want it?
  3. I've also got "Hears of Oak" on a ringtone if you'd like it.
  4. No, I've got Hearts of Oak, it's not that. Wish I knew what it was called!
  5. Everyone who passed out of Raleigh since the invention of MP3 playing phones has it! Spreads like wildfire, that one ;) Thanks though! It always used to be my alarm on a morning!
  6. Bleh!

    I use "On the Quarterdeck" by the massed band of Her Majesties Ice Cream Salesmen :)
  7. Our local icecream man uses 'A Life on the Ocean Wave', except it's like Marines Band on speed.

    Lamri, your avatars are getting filthy. Filthier even than Dondon's. The gusset is creeping aside her pootle.
  8. Anyone remember the Band of the Musical Bushes, Royal Authur, cica 1970s.
  9. can you hum it snaps?
  10. Got "Call the hands" for that!!!
  11. Yeah, did you get it? :)
  12. Urgh, I bet you were one of these pikeys that never had a shower! ;)
  13. Passing out to a CD? Wot? No Band?
  14. It's the cutbacks Hig. Best they can get these days is a bunch of pikeys playing the comb and paper, so better to use a CD
  15. Nah, divisions was to a CD, passing out was to the band.

    But if you have your parade indoors, you don't march in to the band! They just stand there and you march in to silence. I was glad ours was outdoors, I love the band.
  16. Where the hell did you learn the word 'pootle'? Is is a proper word?
  17. the official March Past of the R.N. is "Life on the Ocean Wave" but there are several marches which would be appropriate, eg. "On the Quarterdeck",and "The Middy."
  18. I made it up once! It is a nicer word than the alternatives.
  19. SD Do you have a program of events for your passing out parade? Is it not on there?

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