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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Red_monkey, Apr 4, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone have any idea on how many members of someone's family can attend the passing in parade at Raleigh. i.e. are there any restrictions on numbers.
  2. The RN is your family now sunbeam.

    Wait until you've got a few (crap) tats before going home and scaring your mum.

    Erm, actually haven't a clue about numbers old thing, its just that the term "Passing IN Parade" caught my eye.
    What a load of cobblers!
    How come a good, old fashioned Passing OUT Parade isn't good enough any more?
  3. Because you never passed out, you always passed in to the navy. It was that people got used to the army version of passing out, and that term came into common usage.
  4. Should be 'passing out' mentioned in a previos thread. The Passing In thing went out of the door with a previous Commodore a couple of years ago. The instructors are still trying to get their heads back around to how it should be...Passing Out.

    Ask your instructor/DO how many guests you are allowed at the parade, those are the people that you should be asking about just about everything current in training.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Ooh, here we go again[​IMG]

    The Oke-Cokey Deja-Vu thread.

    Erm, advice on max numbers for the "shake-it-all-about" parade...

    Top tip; 1 X Male paternal type, 1 X Female maternal type, (1 of each grand paternal/maternal types) your siblings that are actually interested (rather than those rejoicing in gaining the bigger bedroom since you left), 1 X partner (optional) & 1 x "bezzy" mate who may join as a result of attending.

    In short, think of others & yourself- you have to look after them & someone has to pay for their transport & accommodation costs. (ie: don't invite people who feel they should attend but cannot afford it).

    Family "black-sheep", nutters & known lunatics should be kept to a minimum, although they are expected weekly by the security staff. The seemingly witty reposte: "there's a bomb in my car" is heard frequently & they are more than happy to call the anti-terrorist people on every available opportunity.

    So far as I'm aware, as long as the numbers attending do not reduce anyone else's close relatives attending then there is seldom a problem. Ball-park figure? 6 on average- ask if you want to bring more.
  6. Erm, actually I Passed OUT of training.
    I was already IN the RN from the minute that I'd signed on the line ;)
  7. I believe it is once again officially called the "passing out" parade.
    Rumour has it a new commodore at Raleigh thought "passing in" sounded bollocks, hence abolished it.
  8. More or less correct. For those that may be uaware, as part of the process of LEAN, Raleigh is now once again commanded by a Captain ('tis cheaper you see).
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Yep, in a similar cost-cutting measure, DNR is now a Captain (CNR) & we now have four Commodores looking after us at regional level to aid "coherency".[​IMG]
  10. I know one thing I have passed out drunk more than I passed in
  11. Is my old job as Captain's Chef at Trevol House back in fashion then, or has it been "civilianised"?

  12. Civilianised AND Pay as you Dine I should wager!! :sign5:
  13. Not sure if this helps hubbie passed in/out Jan 2007 and was told 4 people, although it depended on numbers and in the end 4 went although he did have 5 booked, or if your counting a 2 week old then 5 went.

    Think it was something like everyone is allowed 4 but it matthew mark luke and john took 3 then there is 4 extra places for others.

    Of course that was then things may of changed

    Good Luck
  14. On the DVD of my Passing In/Out it said 'Passing Out' on the outside and 'Passing In' on the DVD. Go figure.

    It really depends on how many everyone else is taking. They'll probably tell you only four can attend at first but they don't seem to turn anyone away.
  15. Here's a good dit.

    Was in London last year. Came across two nurses- one quite good looking, and one not so. My mate, being the awesome wingman that he is.....
    well let's just say that the not so good looking one was the niece of the Raleigh XO.

  16. been a fair while since I passed out, but I remember having to type out the list of invites (PO Dabber as an instructor, blatantly couldn't turn the computer on let alone type) and some people had upwards of 10 guests listed. One tw*tface stoker's family had hired a bus, thousands of them, all looked the same too.
  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's hardly surprising that someone with your username would be detailed to type up the list, sort out the catering facilities for the passing out parade families on the mount, demonstrate how to pass the RN swimming test by only getting the soles of his feet wet, then turn the pool into wine for the guests, one would imagine.

    Welcome to the site! :thumright:

  18. Contributor Mode


    You must learn, "Go Ugly Early" it guarantees sex. Good looking is for weddings etc.


    Now if it had been the wife of the XO of Raleigh that would have been many Gold Stars.
  19. is this a serious question? wont be losing much sleep about it.
  20. Our was on the hottest day on record and several people did in fact 'pass out'...

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