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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Sharkey, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. Bloke that knows I had a brush with the Navy decades ago asked wot wos these Navy police then, we always had them says I, they were the regulating branch back in the day, its just a case of the Navy trying to polish a turd, he asked what they did and that got me thinking, what did they do when a ship went to action stations.
  2. RPO in charge of section base (ex stoker) on Fife, and fucking good at the job.
  3. RPO - QM bridge
    MAA - Flight Deck officer

    Well, it was in the 80s/90s on T22s
  4. On a sweeper it's a PO Diver that is the reggie.

    He does: Reggying
    Diving Supervisor
    Bomb Disposal Officer
    Whole ship coordinator
    Anything no one else wants to take ownership of.

    My experience of reggies is they (until reaching Jossman) know very little about their job. Not a dig, but you get these thickos on board in all their Hi Viz shit thinking they are actually coppers and they cannot answer basic questions about reggying. Really embarrassing I think. You start asking AFA bits and as Coxswainrs we feel that they haven't even seen the JSP. Their stock answer is call the desk MAA. All very well but aren't you meant to be the SME's? Glad you feel you can send us to sea after a two week coffee course to do your job for you.

    On the flip side there were some very knowledgable Master at Arms who actually knew their shit and weren't dolled up in stab vests etc.
  5. Left Faslane going South had a few woke up on a sweeper in Rosyth, it was about the same size and construction as a cheap Ikea wardrobe, fcuk going to sea on that, stayed a couple of days, run ashore in Queensferry, played football for them, good lot, didnt see anyone being shunned so I assumed no reggie on board. Whats a section base in old money.
  6. I think that's a damage control party, probably wrong though.
  7. Best job for a reggie.................cox'n of a splash target. :tongue3:
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  8. You filthy bastard, can't a bloke do cook without you jumping his bones. Fuckin perverts in this mans navy drove the likes of me out, couldn't stand the morality, too fuckin much of it,.. I mean not enough of it, with depravity all about. At least now you only have to worry about the odd shirt lifter and only good lookin bastards like me would have to worry.;-P
  9. Thought it may be, but I did a bit of damage control stuff and cant remember any crushers taking part, maybe they didnt let on who they were so the others would talk to them.

  10. please dont include me in you gay fantasies, I've seen some of your dink women and can understand the antipodean predilection for a bit of man on man action but I cant condone it
  11. Correct, section base 4 was everything above 1 deck on Fife, Chief Chippy was figurehead but RPO Fre****e ran the show.
  12. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Sorry Flagdeck, I disagree, they would never manage the training and skills required for that job.
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