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  1. my Medical and my PJFT today, chuffed :D
  2. Congrats :thumbleft:
  3. well done mate, i passed my PJFT yesterday so i take it your like me with just interview left to do.
  4. woo go you! very close to the waiting game then! :D
  5. congrats! like jonesys said your nearly ready to play the good old waiting game!! :)
  6. Yep, just the interview left on tuesday, hopefully it will go ok.

    Yeah, last I heard AET was a 9 month wait, not sure if it's changed now though. Just glad there's finally progress to be honest lol
  7. my interview is also on tuesday lol small world is it not lol
    good luck mate.
  8. Calm down YODA

    i had my interview before the medical and PJFT hmm :?
  9. Yeah good luck to you as well.

    Viglen, was it the formal interview? And have you done your PJFT and medical now or are you still waiting?
  10. Yeah it was formal,

    And im waiting for the medical (25th Nov) and the PJFT will follow
  11. got my interview next wednesday then got to play the waiting game
  12. Congratulations fellow Jack!
  13. Hey Jim,
    I have PM'ed you!

  14. Cheers Welshy

    I hope you're wearing protection with all this PM'ing
  15. I have my interview tomorrow, already had an interview in february but didn't pass or fail, got given another chance, i've already done my medical & PJFT so this is the last bit.

    It's for AET, i've done my research this time unlike last time which is why i failed, so good luck to others aswell
  16. What sort of things about AET did you need to know more about?

    I've got mine tomorrow as well so good luck to you as well.
  17. well i've looked at the different types of aircraft & what there used for, types of engines. then they talk about training and what happens after it, i knew it all in my last interview but was a bag of nerves. best of luck!
  18. Of course, fully protected! Hope your interview went well.
  19. .....?
  20. nice observation nomnomnom

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