Passed !


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Hey guys, dont think you will remember me

6 months ago i failed my Psychometric test for the Diver branch.

I successfully passed it on Monday =) on my second time round !! was really pleased, and i can say all the hard work really does pay off!.

Im so happy , now i just got to get ready for my interview! for next week =S!! i really do hope it goes well.


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Cheers guys :)

they firstly said wait 12 months, because im not in education ( not in Uni anymore).

So they said we can offer you 6 months if you prove to us that you have learnt on your downfalls , ie Numeracy.

So i took a Adult Numeracy course with Learn direct.


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Nice, didnt know that.

Good luck on your interview mate, the fact that youve come back and redone your test only speaks volumes for your commitment.

Congratulations Kyle!!!!
I also past my test this monday as well!!
Must have been something in the air that day lol
all the best on your interview
Im seriously thinking about going in as a Diver now than an Aircraft Handler ive already took my RT tests and am eligable for both. anyone know which one is the more best option?


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Ahh cheers guys :)

Are the interviews ok? i heard they are like a friendly chat more than anything else ! I have me suit ready that has been in the closet for 6 months.

Also because im signing for a diver, will i get a bad chance of passing the interview if i havnt dived before? like any experience of diving :S!

closest i have ever done is snorkling lol !

thanks kyle.

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