Passed running test first week of September - not heard anything back yet

Good Afternoon everyone, new on this forum.

I've been attempting to join the Royal Navy this last year and I'm a little bit worried having not heard anything from the recruiters since I passed the running/fitness test which was on the first Tuesday of September. I am looking to join as a Communications Technician, which I know means I have to go through a bit more security clearance than other roles within the Navy.

My questions are - does you think this is quite a long time having not heard anything regarding my application process? If I have been unsuccessful in other areas or my application has been declined, would someone have told me or got in contact with me?

I know i should probably contact my local recruitment office but I am scared to ring and get bad news, if you know what I mean. I started this process at the age of 30 and now I am 31 and I really want to join and I know I'm only going to get older. Its a long old process this. They have taken me to Rothiemurchus, Faslane and I've passed the medical etc. My running time was 10.47 at the age of 30 which is well within the parameters.

Any feedback would be great - as I have stated, I am 31, I've lived the civvy life and I want out!
You’ve got to keep calling and emailing mate! I applied as a warfare officer in January and I’ve only just got my AIB dates (9/10th Jan 2019). I’m pretty sure they would have completely forgotten about me if I hadn’t been such a pain in the AFCO’s arse


You're right it seems, I got in contact and I have a second interview next week.

At least its something different to worry about now!

My girlfriends uncle is a recruitment officer at an RAF AFCO(total walloper) and he says that no matter what it is, ALWAYS contact your AFCO as soon as possible. From what he’s told me, how they process potential recruits is just a check list. As soon as you finish one stage they tick a box, leave you to wait a few weeks(usually) and move onto the next person until it is your time again. If you constantly keep in contact with them and pick at their brains your process will go a lot quicker. I applied in May and kept at it and now am leaving for Raleigh this Sunday.

All the best anyway mate!

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