Passed RT with higher score, not sure what to role to choose



I had my RT today and passed it with higher marks that I thought I would, especially in mechanical. I was going to join as MWS but now I have options of all engineering roles surface and submarine so not sure what to do as I know a career in engineering will be better for me once I leave rather than MWS or seaman specialist and after seeing nothing but people talk shit about MWS I’m not sure what to do. AFCO have advised I pick engineering as it’s more than likely with my score I would get fast tracked through the course.

My biggest questions is on surface fleet is it the same as subs where you do 6 hours on 6 hours off or is it different.
Also out of all engineering roles CIS,ME,WE,AET what would be the best role for when you leave the service.
Last questions does anyone have any information on Aircraft handler it’s not something I have ever thought about so don’t know much about it.

I know there is some random questions which is mostly going to be down to personal preference but would just like to know other peoples thoughts


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@couper172, Good RT News well done you.

As I see it you are little more mature than the average applicant, having a regular partner & being a former 'high earner' I imagine that you are likely to swing towards a short career, rather than staying in longer to progress, advance & gain the full benefits of the professional qualifications on offer in any of the engineering branches.

Spoiled for Choices* - Latent aptitude, job satisfaction, where your home is and coping with prolonged absences from home plus FLEXIBILITY should direct your choice rather than trawling for good/bad/indifferent opinions from anonymous RR contributors.

As you have already realised (the RN being much smaller than it was) those serving are either too busy living their dreams or maybe disinclined to expose their experiences to the streams of similar inquirers here.

'twas a long time since I was current, my choice was Electronics = WE (initially microAmps & miliWatts, later Multiple Nuclear Megadeathery...CASD) Others here were happier around the hot, noisy, smelly, heavier chunks within the ME world. AETs get involved with both but with much higher career time ashore = domestic bliss?

IMHO - Reduce your expectations of a high response to your Qs. *Big Boy now, eh: Horses for courses & whatever floats your boat, old chap. Other cliches are available.

Afterthought - Did the AFCO mention considering the RN Police DE scheme?


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Within reason all engineering branches will give you transferable skills, all depends which way your head takes you, aviation, electronics or mechanics, all have sub branches, which may not occur until later in career. I went electronics surface, then submarines, I worked in both as a civy and now work in aviation, RN engineering skills are transferable.
Good luck


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If you have the educational score for Engineering AND are interested in engineering then go engineer.
If you are not interested in engineering look at other trades/branches.
RN engineering will take you beyond the RN and give you a great many opportunities in the big bad world of civies.
Best of luck whichever path you choose to tread

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