Passed RT but I didn't get my job choice

I sat my RT the other day and was told I passed with a overall high score but unfortunately I didn't get the job I wanted, Marine Engineer. I was only a few marks off with my maths and the most upsetting part was, I actually got the correct answer but doubted myself and crossed them out!

I was then given 25 different jobs that I can go for and one being brought to my attention was, Communication & Information Specialist or because I was so close I can resit in 3 months.

Just after some friendly advice with my dilemma here, I'm not quite sure what is required as a CIS but I'm currently reading in to it.

I'm after something that will give me good prospects in and out of the Navy and something that will allow me to progress.

Many thanks


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Dippa - there is potential to progress in all branches, it is completely dependent upon your efforts, and whilst I left before the CIS branch was formed I served in its predecessor reaching the rate of CPO (RS) before I commissioned and I was lucky enough to enjoy a varied and challenging career. As far as life outside the Mob (and I commend you for thinking that far ahead) then I think that the skill sets you learn as a CIS rating are very transferrable to Civvy Street. Best of luck with your application whichever branch you choose
That makes sense, polish up on your Maths, then smash the resit! No point picking a 2nd or 3rd option for the sake of 3 months. Unless of course after reading into it, you prefer one of these options.


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Some on here berate newbies who want to use their naval training when they leave the RN in civie street.
Not me, it is a sensible decision to investigate how your RN training will help you in civie street. Lets face it some only do 9 years in the RN which is a long way from retirement age.
Give the RN 100% enjoy your time but use this time wisely so that when you become a civie you will be very employable.


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At present the matelots serve an average of 6.8 years, Royals around 11 years.

Given that minimum service for both is around four and a half years (ish) it would indicate that either the job's OK, particularly for those who join young and single, or civilian job market prospects are not rock-solid at present.

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