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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by imperial, Aug 22, 2009.

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  1. Not posted anything here before, but thought I would now just to say hello. Passed my PJFT today and with everything else already done just to wait for MOD clearance (hoping that'll only take six weeks or so) and a provisional start date for Seaman Spec.

    Anyone else at a similar stage?
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Well done on passing the selection process thus far. The MoD clearance will refer to your security clearance from the Defence Vetting Agency.

    As you may already be aware, the waiting time to join as a Seaman Specialist is currently around 20 months from passing the recruiting test to entry, assuming there's been no delays in the selection process.

    Allocated entry dates are usually given about one term ahead - ie: Usually around 3-4 months before actually starting initial training.

    One thing certainly worth considering, for those that wanted a technical trade, but did not score high enough & opted for a second choice - if the wait is over 12 months, it's certainly worth considering re-sitting the recruiting test to improve your score & open-up a wider range of job prospects- some of which maybe more suitable & have a shorter waiting period.

    Best of luck in your new career.
  3. Well done!
    Im at the same stage as you.
    I passed my PJFT on the 30th July, but as Im going in as a MA I know I have a 12month wait ahead of me :(
    I got a form through the other day for a CRB, Im guessing I need this as well as an MOD check as I'll be working in a hosptial at some point.
    Really annoying having such a long wait ahead as I really want to get started but I know it will be worth it in the end :)
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Well done of passing selection for MA.

    The CRB check is indeed because you may work with children & vulnerable adults, however your normal day to day medical stuff will not routinely include the care of geriatrics or paediatrics (OK, apart from Chiefs & Young Officers).

    It is indeed frustrating having to wait such a long time to join and indeed we lose many applicants who simply cannot wait that long. The problem is there is a finite number of training places available & we require less people than there are applicants. At the other end of the scale the natural wastage of those leaving the service before their contract has expired has drastically reduced- this in turn reduces numbers required & also slows the promotion prospects.

    The RAF have approached this problem in a different manner & have simply been recruiting individuals & getting them into basic training as soon as possible. The good news for the applicants is they are getting paid, however the bad news is there are no training places available for the trades/phase two training & no jobs even if there were training places. Some individuals have been "on hold" for many months. The upshot is they have a lot of disaffected half trained unemployable individuals who are leaving nearly as fast as they're joining, costing a fortune & benefiting no-one. Many would think that the youngsters would consider themselves fortunate to be earning a wage, but the reality is that they're bored stupid & a fair few leave & are now trying to join the RN. If nothing else, the RN system, whilst far from perfect, allows the potential recruit to demonstrate to themselves that the job is worth waiting for.
  5. passed last friday got my start date for AET other day february 28th
    and my RNAC on november 30th

    nice one to all who passed :)
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Top tip with regard usernames: If you google it & also have a Twitter, MySpace, Facebook or Bebo account, the user identifies themselves & provides loads of information about themselves which is useful to the ill disposed.
  7. Well done to everyone who has passed!

    I passed the final stage, the PJFT this weekend, so i am just waiting to find out my date. I can't wait to find out now.
  8. It speaks volumes for the quality of recruits that they are willing to wait 2 years to join.

    Well done lads.
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Well said & indeed it does, however there are always those quick to condemn the young men & women joining today because obviously it was a lot tougher when people joined in days of yore. :wink:
  10. My careers adviser told me wait time for Sea Spec was 14 months (approx), from date of sitting the entrance test. Also said that date may come forward, although there is a chance it could be put back slightly.
  11. hi all

    can i ask what the mod vetting process is and is there any reason you can fail it.
  12. In a nutshell they check your criminal record (if you have one), financial history and to see if you've ever been involved with any dodgy (terrorist/illegal) groups that pose a threat to the UK. I think they also check your parents and partner, I'm sure I remember having to give their details on the form. Just google "MI5 security check" for more information.

    Obviously if you've been a naughty boy or girl and got a record, or have a shitty credit rating then you can fail vetting.
  13. hi

    ok thanks got a currant financial problems due to last job and orange saying i ow them money will this go against me.
  14. Possibly, depends how serious it is. If it's just for a mobile phone contract I don't think that'll go against too much, but I am guessing. Things like CCJs or bankruptcy will screw you - but the odd missed payment and you should be okay (as long as you haven't defaulted or gone into arrears).

    Give your local careers adviser a call and ask his or her opinion.
  15. hi
    thanks for the reply,
    the problem is i left butlins (where i used to work) and aparently they sent my details to a credit company and they said they sent mail to me to pay it off or else but at which point i was in manchester back home and not at butlins so i didn't get the mail i am now starting to pay it off but im not sure if i really ow as much as they say i do but don't want to get into any more problems due to this.
    i am going for warfare and i got told by the RM on the desk that there is a 18 month waiting list so i should have cleard all of it up by then.
  16. Heh passed my PJFT in July and aside from switching branch from WS Sensors (Submariner) to WS Tactical (Submariner)

    Ears werent quite good enough, which is a shame because I've never done anything to damage em, but oh well.

    Just waiting now, but havent any idea on how long lol.
  17. woo hoo! Passed my PJFT yesterday with a time of 9minutes and 30s seconds. Feels good to have passed. Just waiting on that letter now.
  18. Well done, what job have you applied for?

  19. I was advised that the waiting time is from the time you pass your run test.
    I did my run test October last year and my entry date is March next year, so i had about 18 month wait for SS.
  20. Im pretty sure that the waiting time is from the recruitment test, taking into account that you pass all elements of the process.

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