PASSED PRNC, Basic training starting 15th May.

Jake K

Hi all just recently passed my PRNC. Had an amazing time and a real eye opener to what is coming my way when i head to Raleigh on the 15th May.
All i can say is make sure your fit and healthy and ready, yes PRNC is just a look at life kind of course but there is pass and fail and there is 100% effort needed because they dont like it if you dont. Make sure your fit as you'll be doing Circuits, squad run, 1.5mile run (PASS/FAIL) swim test (PASS/FAIL) naval swim test and much more in between.

Good luck to al that have their PRNC coming up and hope you all do well...DONT THINK OF IT AS AN EASY TIME AND CHILL OUT, DO YOUR BEST..BUT HAVE FUN!!

See you on the 15th of may whoever is starting basic training at Raleigh. :)
Well Done mate.
I just passed my PRNC too last week. best thing iv ever done. Raleigh date is the 1st of May actually cant come quick enough

Jake K

Congrats pal. Yeah feel like my times dragging now I have my date of leaving but same here time really can come quick enough.
good look bud

Jake K

Yeah had the swim test first the shortly after we had the 1.5 mile run but you do a few warm ups/mini circuit before hand.
That's cool.Atleast you get them out the way in one day. What is the squad run like? Thank you for the info I have my prnc in a few weeks time

Jake K

The squad run is decent and a steady 4 miles with the squad. It's the end bit that's a beast because weather was okay we had to get into parteners and so shuttle runs as the other did a certain exercise (advice pick someone average at running and fitness)

If the weather is bad you'll go to gym and do curcuits and ropes etc so don't count on doing the squad run.

Good luck with your PRNC pal and where is it your off?
You're gonna hate the first 3 weeks of training haha. Have fun though! And try not to get injured! You'll end up in stonehouse and your 10 weeks will be prolonged. I was in basic for 6 months haha.

Jake K

Ah I gathered that haha but who doesn't? It's all bullshit really but hey ho and touch wood I've never been injured when it comes to serious exercises and meaningful so hoping all goes well.
Thank you. My prnc is the 25th of April at collingwood, then if I pass my Raleigh date is the 15th of May so I don't have much time in between
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Jake K

Ah okay I went to Caledonia so not sure if it may slightly be different down there but can't see it being.
Well if all goes well and I'm sure it will I'll see you on the 15th may then.
I'm sure it won't be too different apart from the weather might be better! Yep though I'm guessing most of the 15th of May intake have had or will have had there prnc before me.did you have many on your prnc with the same date?
I won't be the only 1 going without knowing somebody from prnc then. I don't mind prnc being close to the start date,as I won't have to wait too long, I can imagine it can be quite frustrating once you have done prnc to have to wait to start. Though it will be a pain to get the kit together that I need in such a short time!


Lantern Swinger
Hey guys, quick question!
How long after your interview was your medical? then the fitness? then the PRNC?
Bit worried about start dates and giving work notice etc
Hey mate,
Wouldent worry about your work notice, the AFCO will tell you not to put it in till you have passed PRNC and confirmed your date for Raleigh. Depending on what you are going in as it will be a few months time up to a few years from Recruitment Test to Raleigh. Speak to your AFCO for exact info for you.


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