Passed PJFT

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Physical, Jul 29, 2009.

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  1. I passed my PJFT today yay! did it in 12.10 so know I need to train damn hard before Raleigh
  2. Congrats mate, just did it by 1 second then!! Lucky...

    How old are you? What speed did you run it on?
  3. 10 seconds, SRAL.
  4. Well done btw
  5. 1 second according to my PJFT results form.

    Says on there the limit was 12:11.
  6. I thought that as well, but the PT at fitness first I did my run at said I had 12:11 to run it in.
  7. They lied! Lol, nah I dunno. Important thing is you passed.
  8. Very recently, you had an extra 20 seconds in the <25yr category at 12.40 ;)

    So our friend has probably passed with a whopping 9 seconds to spare :D

    Well done mate, just get that gorgeous fat bum of yours down to the gym 3 times a week for the next few months and you'll be laughing!
  9. passed with 10 seconds to spare mate, already lost nearly 8stone too
  10. 8O

    Well done on the weight loss though, I'd have got sponsorship from Subway if I were you :lol:
  11. Ben and Jerry's sponsored me though :p
  12. Well done mate, from the looks of things you have already done alot of work just keep it up.

    What you wanting to join as?
  13. Excellent news! Well done, Physical!
  14. congrats! I passed mine today :) so happy! cant wait to get to Raleigh, gonna be a long wait for me though :(
  15. joining as a stoker mate

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