Passed out on friday!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by stealthmode, Aug 7, 2007.

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  1. I passed out of raleigh on friday, passing out was spot on, even though
    they missed a change arms and I got sunburned. I cried a little bit at the end when i saw my mam too

    training isn't as hard as I thought, I was quite dissappointed that its gone all PC and isn't very strict at all - it seems that what would have resulted in extra PT or a bollocking back in the day has been replaced with "remedials"

    got a month's leave now before I go back to raleigh to start phase 2
  2. Congratulations mate :)
  3. Well done, keep up the good work
  4. Well done :)
  5. Good on yer mate.
    But a whole month, you'll have forgotten everything and need to be retrained. :thumright:
  6. Slim, don't even jest mate!

    Had a Stoker on my part of ship who came back off leave and SHUT EVERY DAMN VALVE on the steering system whilst preparing for sea, and then flashed up the system!

    Effing gimp is outside now (Drug Abuse).
  7. Congratulations :thumright:

    So what were your Highs and Low Points of the training then?
  8. Well done mate.
    I passed out on Friday too; but not of Raleigh, but of over indulging with the Scotch
  9. What specialisation are you going into????

    Welcome to the big family!
  10. I'm (hopefully) going to be a stoker submariner

    low points of training would have to be dartmoor - it must have been monsoon season that weekend, the kit we got issued was barely servicable (water proofs that were about as water proof as a seive) and I got a huge blister on my foot that got badly infected .

    high point would have to be Havoc (damage control simulator) I loved it and wanted to do it again.
  11. Congratulations! I didn't much like Dartmoor either, despite being a hillwalker. Like you say, the equipment was so poor, it was dangerous.

    So do you have to go back to Raleigh to do some Submariners training first?
  12. A months leave! what kind of contract are you on?
  13. Oh OK, Well, Well Done once again and good luck with getting your Dolphins.
  14. I'm going back to raleigh to do the "dry phase" of the submarine training, then on to sultan after that, although the breifs I've had seem to say different things, some people are saying I'm back at raleigh for 5 weeks hold-over then on to sultan, others are saying 14 weeks at raleigh then on to sultan.
  15. Might See you @ Raleigh then as I'm there on 28th Oct then off to Sultan for my AET Training.
  16. Welcome aboard shipmate!

    Waterproofs that aren't waterproof eh? There's plenty more of that to come in this career. Pusser isn't good at quality control as no doubt you'll see during your time.

    Don't get me wrong, I love the navy and wouldn't be anything else but a sailor. Good luck with your training and enjoy your leave.
  17. Blimey, a months leave after training. They definitely are getting soft on you guys nowadays.

    Eeeh in my day, it were 7 weeks before you even got t'go home f'the weekend!
  18. Congrats (Potential) Baby Submarine Stoker. Remedials? Wot's them mate?

    You do realise you have to use special teflon coated perspex shovels in boats, to shove the shit into the boilers? ;)
    • Braindead Braindead x 1
  19. remedials.... e.g not shaving would result in "shaving remedials" - a week of having to shave 3 times a day and report to the divisional instructor for inspection
  20. BZ Shipmate welcome to the senior service :thumright:

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