Passed out 5 week ago, here to answer any questions.

Passed out of Raleigh 5 weeks ago, doing Phase 2 at HMS Collingwood now.

Seen as I'm bored on summer leave I decided to drop a post in here. So if you have any questions about Raleigh or Collingwood drop me a message and I'll try to help you out! Or ask about the joining process too.


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If you're bored, you could always watch the championship play off semi final, second leg. If I'm feeling bored, it always cheers me up.


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Must be a chef called Kirchhoff's and his current law, making cakes, as the algebraic sum of currents in a network of conductors meeting at a point is zero. Hence when cake goes down cake whole currents are now zero, eventually though the full law will be met followed by the paper work, this law states that, for any node (junction) in an electrical circuit, the sum of currents flowing into that node is equal to the sum of currents flowing out of that node?

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