passed my selection interview.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by bowcon, Apr 9, 2008.

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  1. hey all,

    im new to site and have just passed my selection interview this morning. it wasn't as bad as i was expecting. i was asked lots of stuff and my mind didnt go blank thanks to all the info on rumration, so a big thanks to all.
    one thing that did shock me was my AFCO adviser told me that ther are a number of naval personnel (not RMs) deployed in afghnistan. well if your trained for it then bring it on terry taliban.......
    just my medical and PJFT to complete, hoping my 29 year old body will get me
    also got a date for the RNAC, 7th july if i pass the medical.

    was told theres a 9 month wait for seaman spec once completed selection process. but i got that impression from other posts on rumration.

    once again tx to all for all the info on this forum.

  2. hello i got that date for the RNAC 7th july so il proberly see you up there
  3. hi stanley, have u passed ur medical and PJFT or are u at the same stage as me?
  4. yeh i passed my interview and medical and did my PJFT last week and my AFCO rung me up this week saying they are booking me on the course and that and also am going inn for seaman spec
  5. I'm not clued up on specs, they ditched the branch just afterI joined (obv re-establishing it now).

    They may get you into basic and then have you wait for your course, I know they used to do it with the specs before, kinda 'odd-job-men', until they got a course date.

    Good luck to the bothof you though xxxxx
  6. tx jenny-dabber,

    really getting my hopes up this evening about getting to raleigh. as i said my AFCO told me 9 months and from reading other post's on RR some are saying 10 months. will just have to cross tat bridge when it comes along.

    once again thank u.
  7. i got told of my AFCO that it was 9 months and that i would hopefully be going to raleigh in september
  8. uh oh,, now im gonna have to really start to work on my fitness.

    ive been a couch potato for the last few years. i smoke and am over weight. tried the unning thing ut thought i was gonna cough up a lung.......
    im alright with push ups, situp, crunchs etc. and can do 20mins swim but the running is gonna kill me.

    o well better get to it.

  9. ... and exactly just how do you know that the Talibans first name is Terry?

  10. wow that is a long wait 9months. I got told as soon as i pass my PJFt i will have an entry date but thats cause im joining as a warfare specialist submariner
  11. its got to be terry taliban, like gerry german.

    but why did the yanks call the vietcon charlie?
    could be charlie chong viet con.......................

  12. the rest of the lads(there were no lasses) i spoke with at AFCO were all going in as WS and wouldnt have to wait as long. they must need WS urgently.
  13. im told there is a real shortage for most submariners especially sonar operators
  14. yea the afcos are going nuts trying to recruit submariners, they have posters in most of the toilets in every pub in guzz lol , :toilet:
  15. during my interveiw the AFCO officer was a submariner and metioned there desperate for volunteers, but dont think i would wanna be stuck in a sardine tin under the sea with 100 odd blokes for months on end and no contact with the outside world.............. no offence to the lads who are already subs or people applying, just my personal preference.
  16. same here i got a lot of respect for the sub branch because i couldnt personally do it, couldnt get on a boat that sinks!
  17. It is good to see a few more people on here that are joining as Sea Spec. :thumleft: I am currently waiting to go on my RNAC , which is on the 28th April (So not long to go now).

    In terms of the waiting list for our branch, it is apparently 9 months. However that is from the date you passed your initial written tests. I passed mine in January so I was told I should expect to start my 9wk basic training at HMS Raliegh in Sept/Oct. After that it is then on to 10 months proffesional job training at HMS Collingwood. :w00t:

    bowcon, good luck with your medical and PJFT. :thumright:
  18. dutch i will be seeing you down thier becuase i got told i would be going in sept/oct
  19. thanks Dutch,

    Seaman spec was the job that jumped out at me on the description in the broucher and online. i have read on RR that there is alot of paintng and cleaning envolved as well.
    enjoy your RNAC an lett us know how it went. i hope to be going on RNAC 7th of july.

    still working on my fitness, bought myself a new bike today an went for a ten mie ride and didnt rt out of breath once.

    all the best bowcon
  20. going down to do my 9 week training at hms raleigh tomorrow cant wait its be 3 mouth wait :thumright:

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