Passed my PJFT. Now the Interview :(

Haven’t showed my face on here in a while, been flat out with work. So here is the update.

After not scoring high enough for AET, I went for my second choice, “Warfare Specialistâ€. Passed my medical and PJFT without any problems.

Had an answer phone message today congratulating me on passing so far, and asking when I can come in for an interview. Thinking maybe next week sometime, giving me enough time to revise. To be perfectly honest… im bricking it.


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am in same postion as you mate doin the same thing aswell, got my interview next week, there is a topic about the interview on this fourm read it gave me a lot of things to think about thats i wudint of thought of


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officer_inland said:
Just learn up on your trade and you'll be fine. You can only do your best and they'll be able to tell if you want it enough. Good luck!
is there any information this forum about ws as there is only so much on the royal navy site itself?
I passed my interview in april and the thing that they were impresed about was me knowing most of the types of ships and dress as smart as you can and you should be fine. so good luck!


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I have my SIFT with OCLC in 2 weeks time...Ive been learning ships, subs and aircraft - what they do/carry/armament etc..and obvs been keeping up to date on navy news on the web and well as talking about leadership stuff, what else will come up/be asked?? What factors do they use to "gauge suitability for AIB" as the letter reads.
I wasn't asked much about specific RN stuff in mine but don't take that as the norm. He was more interested in my past leadership and motivations. As I remember, thinking about it, he only asked me what one of the ships was and then pointed out the big F on the side before I had chance to answer!
Thanks for the tips and link to that thread...very helpful! Im pretty clued up on training pipeline for both pilot and observer (my 2 choices) and have been learning ships (what they carry/roles etc etc) - is this about right? of course as well as being able to discuss my past leadership experiences and motivations for joining. I am probably just nervous and worrying about small things!!