Passed my PJFT...nearly there!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by officer_inland, Oct 4, 2009.

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  1. Very very happy with my time of 11.48, with a bit more training I reckon I can get that down to sub 11 too. Only one more step to do! :p
  2. well done mate :D
  3. Thanks Chris! :D
  4. congratulations :) I've got mine on wednesday, quite nervous lol
  5. Ive got mine on the 21st. Where did you do yours?
    Also, do they set a time on the treadmill so its exactly 12min 20 seconds (if youre under 25) and then you can speed it up? Or is it, you set the inital pace and change it.
  6. For mine she set it for the min time for a guy (I'm female btw) and then u adjust it from there, if you want to go faster early on or whatever. I did mine at the fitness first in solihull, it was really nice there actually, shame it's a bit far away to be my local gym! lol.
  7. When I did mine they set it at a speed that would get me through it in the required time and then gave me the option to speed it up if I wanted. The treatmills are set in km/h, not mph so, if you want to aim for a time work out the speed in km/h.
  8. Oh yeah, good luck to you both. As long as you've trained for it then you'll be fine :)
  9. I hate not being able to multi quote.

    SRT1 - Yeah i thought it would be something like that. Its not a problem, I can run it, just I got to about 10min 10 seconds and then had a really bad flu thing that lasted for about 2 weeks. Will have to do 6day split again and get back my times. I want to get it under 10 mins (so will have to run above 14kmh i believe).

    O_I - Yeah, Im always in the gym, just usually do weights and avoid the cardio bunnies lol.
  10. well hopefully I'll do alright, I only found out on friday that I'd be doing it wednesday so I've been cramming in a few runs through the woods and on the road. Fingers crossed.
  11. They will set it too the speed required or just over, its then up to you if you speed it up or slow it down, as long as you complete it in the time required. Once you are up and running, its up to you, the staff can't advise you on what to do.
  12. Congrats, sent you a message Officer Inland
  13. Congratulations not only on completing the run in a time that some men would struggle with, but also on escaping from the wretched hive of scum and villainy (to quote erm, Star Wars) that is Solihull Ice Rink with the wheels still on your car.
  14. A sh*ite place to be sure, but Ill have you know i have fond childhood memories of that Ice Rink.

    I think it was the slush puppies, popcorn and crap arcade games............. on second thoughts it may be to do with receiving a quick rub and tug behind it in the car park........
  15. I remember going to that ice rink too! Until they opened the fancy one in Coventry that is! :)
  16. Seeing as I am in a similar position to the original poster I thought I would hijack this thread slightly and ask me question here as opposed to opening up a new thread.

    I have passed the PJFT and have been told to expect the final interview within the next week by the staff at the AFCO. I have previously been informed that the branch that I am interested in joining currently has no waiting time. I am aware that if I were successful at interview there would still be a wait until I started basic training, but I would be grateful if anyone would be able to provide an informed answer as to how long I should expect to wait.
  17. I don't know the answer I'm afraid, but what branch have you applied to?
  18. CISSM
  19. Timmy

    If all goes well, you will be starting Basic somewhere between 4 and 6 months after the date on which you sat the RT.
  20. Was this aimed at me? Or someone else with the initials O and I? :?

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