Passed my interview :D

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by WarfareSpecialistToBe, Jun 29, 2010.

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  1. hey guys :),
    passed my interview today :)
    thought i done quite well :D
    anyways, i have my medical on the 23rd, but why waiting time is 18 months, dont they only last for a year? due to me being under 18?

    cheers guys
  2. Well done!

    Did you feel that you had revised the right material as far as boats etc were concerned?; I know you were a bit worried about that.
  3. yeah, we ended up having a chat about trident missiles, and how you could fire one from downing street, and hit the white house, and smash his windows, as it splits into 7 warheads :L

    i was very relaxed, but was still an interview, so still quite formal :L
    thanks for your help soleil ;)
  4. Well done WS2B.
    Another step along the way.
  5. WS2B

    You are correct, your medical only lasts till you turn 18, after which If I recall correctly my CA said it would last till I was 30 :lol: I just recently went to my AFCO to re - do mine.

    Congrats on passing the interview mate :D

    Still waiting for my interview/medical as my CA is never in the office when i am in town or whenever I call them. Its frustrating. Plus the wait for my job choice is apparently now 18months according to the bored looking fella at the Navy desk
  7. Congratulations! Well done :)
  8. he's giving hints :wink:
  9. You might be on to something there :)
  10. get to the point that you call him so much he'll put you through as soon as possible so you don't keep pissing him off! :D
  11. Congrats...Good luck with the rest :)
  12. Well done WSTB! I had my medical yesterday but still waiting to hear how it went...

    Have you any insight you wish share regarding the interview? Is it pretty much everything N_S and big Sol have said? Oh and although you're going for boats did you have a know much about ship? Sorry for the barrage of questions :p

    Again congrats mate!
  13. cheers D_M,
    When do you find out if you have passed the medical??

    ohh and yes, the advice that N_S, SM and Sol gave was very relevant for the interview,
    my experience was good, i didnt get asked about any surface fleet, which was much to be expected really as im going in for boats,
    But make sure you read up about the different classes of surface fleet ( you are going for surface fleet right?)
    and pay, how much paid holiday, i even got asked who was the First Sea Lord ( Mark Stanhope )! but good job i revised that too :L
    Also the more achievements you have ( qualifications/ awards you have won) is a bonus.
    as i went to cadets, i could relate many of the questions i got through that, such as " have you had any experience of Navy life?" and i talked about my experiences about going to HMS Raliegh hundreds of times, ( as i live in cornwall ) and that i also did work experience at HMS Raliegh....

    Also Be yourself, and Dont Lie! Cause they will catch you out! :L
  14. Nice bit of advice there. Il keep that in mind when my own interview comes round. Thanks
  15. its cool S_C :D
    you better tell me how your Medical goes?? ;)
  16. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Just think on all of those hundreds of visits to HMS Raleigh you could have looked at name board as you passed it each time and learnt how to spell Raleigh :wink:
  17. ohh sorry janner,
    i was debating on which way to spell it :L
    and i always though i was before e :O
  18. i will try to remember that ;)
  19. No mate I'm going for the boats too. ET ME (SM).

    I was meant to find out my medical results on the day but due to an old back problem the doc said that he'll need to get back to me. Fingers crossed everything comes back fine. I'd be totally devastated if I couldn't get in the RN.

    Cheers for the interview info, hope everything all goes well with your medical!
  20. cheers mate, theres not much i can do about it though ;)

    i have a question about the hearing test though, does the sound get really high pitch??
    and how does it get very quite??
    As im quite worried about the hearing test, i dont know why though :S :L

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