passed my check! 4th November !:):D

Heyy, after many weeks of shitting myself not knowing if i've passed my security check. I had the clear finally earlier today! My credit rating is absolutely terrible as I keep missing payments due to me losing my bloody job!!! Grrrrr

Just a few question to clear up now before I go!

1. I realise that obviously you have to share rooms with everybody else but after the 9 weeks basic ... what happens then? I'm training to be a ETWE(SM).

2. What happens with i'm not on a boat? Do I still get submarine pay?

3. I've come to understand that the 9 weeks basic at Raleigh is tough. My question is after the 9 weeks, because i'll stay at Raleigh, do they "lighten" up kinda thing!?

Thanks in advance guys!!! :afro:

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