Passed my Aptitude test

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by shotty13, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. Well i passed pilot, observer and air traffic control despite a DIRE maths section. I seriously thought i would fail after i finished the section.

    As much i would like to never talk about it again i want to share a few things about it for others who are going to do it, im not sure all the info i was given on here was 100% right but hey everyones only trying to help right :p me included.

    Firstly getting there/ finding your way around is common sense so dont worry it really cant go wrong (i did spend a while driving round the base but as i said it cant go wrong and you do end up in the right place!)

    Secondly there is a ton of waiting, from turning up at 3 we were given one 10 min briefing about fire safety ect, then we had to pass the time until the next day. Lots of sitting around, however everyone came straight out of their rooms to meet each other, plenty of talking (and a bar which was handy) tv rooms with 3000 more chairs then will ever be needed, a few pool tables and 3 meals. Not to mention some very nice rooms right next one of the practice airstrips, there were a few pilots doing loops ect when we arrived.

    The wake up alarm is not a fire alarm, but yes it really goes on for a long time and uses the same siren

    The test guys are contractors, very nice people, test room looks a lot like the DVLA theory test place. Anyway now i get to the bits i feel wern't highlighted enough on here.

    The questions are very rarely multiple choice, dont listen to the (the only maths you need to know is that you have a 1 in 4 chance of getting it right) sure it may be multiple choice sometimes (5/6 options) but often not at the hard bits

    Seriously brush up on S=D/T, i cant tell you enough how much is involved, and variations of it to involve fuel consumption ect, they give you all the equations but you need to have put in the practice (i didnt and nearly failed)

    dont rush, only 4 people finished before lunch and they got their results no faster than anyone else

    make sure you can do 5+6, 42/2 ect very fast, yes i know they are easy and you will think its a joke but they are often put in to distract you when you're trying to do other things so make sure they can be dealt with fast.

    Pen and paper only factior in 1 of the maths tests, so try and practice without

    I guess ive said enough, but thats what i wish id have known when i went in there. Hope it helps everyone in the future. :wink:
  2. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Well done, don't beat yourself up too much over the Math, I think everyone feels like that when they come out, it's very draining, you obviously did better than you think to get pilot & observer! S= D/T as you pointed out is the key, knowing the six minute rule and being able to instinctively do mental arithmetic are part of the test. Well done again.
  3. well done shotty13, i also passed but was so excited shot off after to ring the folks!! thanks to everyone who has given advice (either good or bad), and hopefully soon be flying navy!!!! Shotty 13, hopefully see you at AIB in 6 weeks ish!
  4. Well done fellas
  5. Have received a date for the 11th of June but had to put it back a week till the 18th. Shotty, have you got your date through yet?
  6. Well done you!!!
    And good on you for sharing tips/information for anybody else going for it.
  7. Yeah my AIB's on the 12-14 of June

    I also have to sit the rating test as the navy want to see if they need to make officer candidates sit this as a pre AIB filter, luckily it has no bearing on my application
  8. Well done shotty13,

    i passed mine a while ago now and finaly get to start brnc in june. I thought i'd messed it up after the speed dist time nightmare i had, but i guess what little i managed to answer was enough!

    So since you've passed observer are you thinking of taking that route or dead set on pilot? I was lucky(in that i didn't have to make the hard desision) and just missed out on the observer grade,so i had no worries with selection officer. However a friend of mine, who like yourself passed observer, has had to fight to stay pilot on entry! Certainly if you apply as observer now you'll def get a place at brnc as they're so short.

    It might be an idea to do the POAC(Potential Officer Aquaint Course) at RNAS Culdrose to find out more about the observer/pilot role, it certainly changed my view on the observer job after actually seeing it for myself. Speak to your ACLO.

    Good luck with AIB and hope to catch you in the fleet!
  9. Conratulations Chris, you must be over the moon!! With regards to the POAC, i've tried to gte a place before AIB but unfortunately it's fully booked..... "it certainly changed my view on the observer job after actually seeing it for myself" care to explain - complete novice here.... Cheers, Jon
  10. Hi Jon,

    Yeah i'm so thrilled to be in and given the chance to see if i can cut it as a naval aviator!

    Regarding the observer role and POAC at RNAS Culdrose, i think before i really looked into the different aircrew jobs, i thought of pilot as the "top dog" of the aircraft. However from the POAC course and speaking to those in the FAA, i soon realised that the observer role is probably the more demanding and he/she is the one in command of the aircraft. Don't get me wrong pilot was still my first choice, but had the circumstances changed for me and i was offered observer i'd have taken it. That said i think the BOC is probably one of the hardest to pass in the whole of the RN!

    Best of luck at the AIB mate, remember they're looking for a team player, so try to get to know your board members early on and don't be the bullsh*t guy who knows it all!
    I thought i'd messed up my AIB as my group struggled with the PLT's and group ex, but actually they had noted my attempts in both to help each of the members of my board through their tasks etc.. So try to make a point of helping each other and you should shine. Otherwise enjoy it.. the staff are really good and help keep you calm plus it's over before you know it!

    Let us know how you get on,
  11. Welldone and good luck for the future.
  12. Well done Chris!

    I'm actually one of the rare people it seems, who doesn't mind if they fly or fight the aircraft but just wants to join the team. I've read a lot about this now (just finished Armed Action, silly name but very informative book on 847sqn with the lynx over Basra) and I really want the life, however they offer it to me, both roles are important.

    I found that lots of people at the aptitude test were dead set on being a pilot or nothing else. This was especially strong with the RAF lot who were there at the same time, they were seriously competitive!

    I know how you feel about the speed distance time nightmare, lets both never talk of it again, it was horrible and made me feel exactly the same way, next time it turns up though i have its number (and that of a good maths tutor.)

    Hope to see you in the fleet too if i pass AIB, my biggest worry are my eyes, i'm only just scraping over the mark and have got worse since my last check so naturally i'm more than worried. Either way i'll get back to finishing the navy scrapbook i'm making to help me on my knowledge, i've just finished submarines and now i'm onto carriers
  13. Come to think of it if my eyes don't get the grades i might, MIGHT even get coaxed into air traffic control, but maybe im just getting silly..... anyone know what its like?
  14. With your Navy knowledge, don't go into too much detail on the general fleet, the more in depth questions will be on the FAA. Eg: Which helicopter has three engines? What’s(or was!) the main difference between the FA2 and GR9?
    And almost guaranteed questions like; What aircraft would you most like to end up flying? Be honest don’t say Harrier of JSF just because that’s what you think they want to hear. They see straight through people, believe me! A follow up question would probably be, so what training is involved in gaining your wings for that particular aircraft? I.e where will your training take place, for how long, with the Army/ RAF, frontline squadrons etc... Learn the schedule laid out on the RN website or from any literature you’ve got. (whichever is more up to date)
    Again all they want to see is some in depth research into your potential career, which if your serious about the job then you will and i'm sure are already doing!

    I don’t know much about the ATC, apart from the fact you’ll spend most of your time shore side! I’m sure it’s a good job and sets you up for a career out of the Navy, but it’s not what I want to do.

    I'm off to Greece for a couple of weeks prior to starting BRNC, but if you have any other questions i'll try to help answer them before I start.

    All the best,
  15. Shotty, how did the AIB go??
  16. I passed thanks Jonno how was yours?
  17. passed also, just got back today!!
  18. PS. medical takes bloody ages!!!!
  19. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    [​IMG]Top tip Guys/Girls: if undergoing a medical at your AFCO there is a medical feedback form which you can fill out.

    Don't worry it's anonymous, and you can post it in, but if you have any positive or negative feedback, please fill out the form as it's the only way the AFCO's can try to get it right.

    If no-one tells us, we assume it's hunky dory.

    Cut and paste the form below onto a Word.doc & drop it in to the AFCO.


    In order to help the Directorate of Naval Recruiting (DNR) monitor and maintain consistency of standards of applicant medical examinations, it would be helpful if you would complete the questions below following your medical examination. Please amplify your replies in Box 19 if necessary.

    1. Name of doctor carrying out the examination:

    2. Address where examination carried out:

    3. If you went to the doctor's surgery /practice,
    was this easy to find? YES/NO

    4. Was it accessible by public transport? YES/NO

    5. Was public transport available at the time of your appointment? YES/NO

    6. If required, did you get clear directions from your AFCO? YES/NO

    7. Date of examination:


    8. Did you have to wait long for an appointment? YES/NO

    If YES why?

    9. Were you asked to produce any form of identity? YES/NO

    10. Did the Doctor introduce himself or herself to you? YES/NO

    Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent
    (Please circle one number on each line)

    11. What was your impression of the examination room? 1 2 3 4 5

    12. What was your impression of the doctors conduct
    during the examination? 1 2 3 4 5

    13. What was your overall impression of the medical 1 2 3 4 5

    14. Was your privacy/dignity respected during your physical examination? YES/NO

    15. If NO, please explain.

    16. Female applicants only - Was a chaperone present during the physical examination? YES/NO

    17. Can you remember the doctor asking if you had any history of asthma or had used an inhaler in the last
    four years? YES/NO

    18. How long did the examination take?

    19. Any other comments/observations? e.g. Reception arrangements, Were you asked anything or asked to do anything that you did not expect? Was there anything you forgot to tell the doctor regarding a pre-existing medical condition?


    Date :

    Print Name:

    Print Address:

    Post code:

    Telephone Number:

    Please return this form to your AFCO.

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